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YT Jeffsy 2019 First Ride

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For 2019, YT completely overhauled the carbon version of its Jeffsy trail bike. We headed off to Southern Portugal to take a look at the new bike and find out how it rides. To read the full review, point your browser at

11 Replies to “YT Jeffsy 2019 First Ride”

  1. Balint Gyulay

    Nice bike i have a yt capra pro race 29 er . I ask you YT can i buy the bolt on frame protector for my capra or its not aviable just for the jeffsy?

  2. Maxime Dequesne

    Looks good. could you be more precise as to where those trails are? (thinking of going to Portugal for a bit of trail)

  3. evo

    Get ready for broken spokes the rear wheel is destroying my spokes and so far 6 have snapped, BB has seized after 4 months the seat wears very fast on the edges, chain stay rubber protector peals off. But its a tool

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