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You don’t need to spend $5,000 to have a great MTB! | 2018 Focus Jam Elite | 3 Mile Smile Las Vegas

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Ripping the Focus Jam Elite at Cottonwood Valley in Las Vegas.

2018 Focus Jam Elite 29:

Trail: Cottonwood Valley
3 mile smile trail

Need new gloves?
Gloves I use: – Use code JCTRAILS18

Music by Joakim

22 Replies to “You don’t need to spend $5,000 to have a great MTB! | 2018 Focus Jam Elite | 3 Mile Smile Las Vegas”

  1. Speedy Gonzales

    Looks like a great fun (but short…) Trail – I am in LA area but never rode in Vegas.
    Will definitely going to do that with My bike (Not a crappy rental <G>)
    Can you please post your Strava link ?
    Thank you

  2. Elijah Nicolas

    Awesome video James! Great tip on the bike company and also seeing another recommendation on a different bike rental company. When in San Diego, lets do it! You’re getting me worked up to go riding!

  3. David Rogers

    Hey JC…really like your channel/vids. I live in Zürich (German-speaking region of Switzerland). Focus are popular here and a great brand. Thanks for the info.

  4. Bikechanic

    Lol I had many experiences of hitting the descent and completely forgetting to turn off the lockout. I wonder why it was such a harsh descent then im like ohh. These vegas trails look killer!

  5. AF-O6

    With all the cacti the penalty for misjudging a turn looks severe. Great riding! It seems piloting skill transfer. Love everything you do on your channel.

  6. MTB FlowRider

    One of my all time favorite taco places. If you’re ever in San Diego area check out there location in that area near the border.

  7. Adam Gollnick

    Try mcghies next time – that’s the company I use to rent from when I travel out there. Good selection of bikes, and they’ll let you know where the gnarlier trails are

  8. Kevin Dwight

    Great feedback on a brand I’d never seen demo’d/discussed. Spec’d out well at the price point. Great value. Thanks James for a solid review.

  9. Bikes Trails and Greenways

    Man, JC that trail lived up to its name. Those views definitely added to the ride for sure. Thanks for bringing us along

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