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WILD Race at Tri-City Speedway (Includes Fight)

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28 Replies to “WILD Race at Tri-City Speedway (Includes Fight)”

  1. Sparkle Shine

    Hopefully when the race was over the driver went and whooped his ass. Not to mention, I have no clue how the official didn't beat that f(_)cks ASS!! Push me like that and now you have a problem with me…. f(_)ck the original problem. The official should have AT LEAST got in the car and cranked that 8 car up and revved that damn engine until it blew!!! They all act like they are scared of him….

  2. imkiller84

    One of the best B-main races I've ever seen. The announcer was awesome, drivers were duking it out to make the show, and the track looked perfect.

  3. Matthew Perez

    he is punching him but like why would you punch someone while they are wearing a helmet like i never understood why people fight people with helmets on

  4. 505197

    Smith could plainly see where 28 was, but 28 couldn't have seen Smith unless he has a neck that can turn 180 degrees. Smith did a shit job of driving, then makes it worse by acting like an asshole. I hate motherfuckers that want to blame someone else for their own lack of skills.

  5. Brent Wilmot

    That might be the best b-main I've ever seen.  Must have been a helluva field of cars if both Erb and Babb had to run a B.

  6. Ed Harris

    What a twat, I work as a short oval official for Brisca F1 Stock Cars here in England and our lads that race over here are always pleasant and friendly towards us as officials, after all we are there to keep them safe when there racing..

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