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Why do New Tyres Wobble on Motorcycles. VLog.

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18 Replies to “Why do New Tyres Wobble on Motorcycles. VLog.”

  1. Adnan E

    Balance your tyre at a tyre shop with little weights. Don’t fit yourself unless you have a tyre balance spindle or machine. It will ride really badly without balancing

  2. Jwala Pradeep Vatturi

    Vikas Bhai, nice to see you making videos with street triple and i think no one has noticed you while you were sneaking out .


    vikas am using fz v2 from past year 7500+kms done and recently i noticed that rear tyre is being wearing out on the right side more than the centre and when contacted yamaha service person and tyre changing shop they simply saying that thats common in fz bikes .tyre pressure and suspension were checked and were perfect. is there any other thing i can do to rectify that. its like wearing out line in centre but more on right side of tyre. please help.

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