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What’s a good beginner bike? – Budget mountain bike

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Today, we’ll talk about how to find an inexpensive, but trailworthy beginner mountain bike. In this video I use a $329 XC Hard tail mountain bike as an example, and even do a little bit of shredding on it.

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26 Replies to “What’s a good beginner bike? – Budget mountain bike”

  1. Denali Neidig

    My bike doesn't come with the rear brakes, but there are mounting points on both sides actually for it, how far part should the holes be for mounting rear brakes? The rear derailleur is on a hanger of some kind? The "hangar" bolted to the frame and riveted to the back of the derailleur, so i dont think it quite works out as well but its better than directly mounting it to the frame i guess. Would you consider this "trail worthy"?

  2. julianwilliams99 cap

    Dude, I liked your video. I learned a lot. But WTF can you show me I can get a bike like this for anywhere close to 329.00? Please let us know! Thank Bro.

  3. Jeff Burns

    Just wondering what you think of the Mongoose Mack 26’’ bike? I don’t do hardly any off roading with it, pretty much paved bike/jogging trails. The derailer is noisy as hell changing gears, the brakes squeak a lot. The front brakes brake FAR BETTER than the rear. I took it to a local bike shop. The trued the rotors, and adjusted the brakes. They told me the rear brakes are as good as they can get them.
    I used to shred a lot (25 years ago), when I raced BMX. I’ve had Kuwahara’s, GT’s, DG’s, Mongoose Supergoose, etc, etc. Too old to do the stuff you do, but I do like today’s mountain style bikes. They look good, for the most part, are comfortable to ride, and I like the disc brakes on today’s bikes.

  4. dhyde79

    so….I've got a good (possibly great) bike that's older and is still a rim brake…I'm fairly certain there are mounting holes tapped on the rear swingarm for disc conversion, but, I don't have disc compatible hubs nor is the rockshox fork disc compatible…. what's the most cost effective replacement parts to get it converted?

  5. PKK Sk8t3rb0y

    i use a 29inch saracen tuff trax [2013 model] and its legit,it is like your murder machine… i want to do that samething

  6. Ironsights85

    irresponsibly expensive, i like it! where do i sign up? i started my "serious" riding on a gary fisher mullet, ive had it for around 7 years now. hoping to upgrade to a rocky mountain pipeline this spring, to bad they cost more than a used dirt bike! oh well!

  7. Erick Swider

    How about the diamond back atroz one? A full suspensions bike under the thousand dollar range. Is it a worthwhile invetment or not?

  8. Dominik Schwager

    Sadly, this cannot be bought in germany. Does anyone have an alternative to this that can be purchased in central europe? Otherwise, stellar video and definitely saved me from buying a poor bike!

  9. Maria Procianos

    This bike has almost identical parts on my giant talon but its 100 bucks more expensive… and my talon got hydraulic brakes…

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