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What To Look For When Choosing A New MTB Tyre? Mountain Bike Tyre Talk | Ask GMBN Tech

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What should you look for when choosing a new mountain bike tyre? Which is the most important when considering tubeless, grip, or rolling resistance? Can you setup non tubeless tyres as tubeless? Doddy is back to answer all of your MTB tech questions 🔧

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21 Replies to “What To Look For When Choosing A New MTB Tyre? Mountain Bike Tyre Talk | Ask GMBN Tech”

  1. M. Snow

    #askgmbntech hey doddy, my name is Mitch, I'm from Minnesota. I want to get a shorter stem for my trail bike, and wanted to see ur take on how to pick 1 out for my riding style. Can u do a episode on how to pick out stems? Thnx..

  2. robert bradley

    Hi Doddy,top show,i was recently was a lucky winner of a gmbn comp,so chuffed to win something especially for my bike.I was a winner of a set of crank brother stamp 1 composite pedals.When they arrived I was impressed by the look and size of the footprint of them and eagerly wound them onto my cranks and try them out……….massive disappointment,just 5 minutes into my morning blast I turned around and headed back to the shed to put my Sam Hill Nukeproofs back on.What is your opinion on composite pedals Doddy,these stamp pedals where so slippy and contact with the pins was poor due to the high axle section,I wear Five Tens which struggled to grip the pedals.They have been demoted to spares….but I think I would favour my other spare(DMR V12)before i would risk using the stamp pedals.
    Cheers Doddy ,Brummie Rob.

  3. Peter Toth

    #AskGMBNTech What do you think is the minimum viable gear to go for riding mountains? What is the quality level when you are not wasting money, but actually get some decent stuff. In Shimano Terms is it Altus? Alivio? Or XT at minimum? (are those even still exist?)

  4. Rusu Andrew

    #AskGMBNTech Hi Doddy, I am a downhill racer and I am looking to buy some new brakes. Until now I have found Shimano SLX M7000 and Shimano XT BL-M785. Which one would you recommend between this two ?

  5. Tony Skinner

    #AskGMBNTech Hi GMBN great work as always, I'm currently riding the specialized Fuse plus bike and was thinking of changing the tyres from the original 3" to a 2.6" but looking to keep the 45mm rims. Can this be done and what tyre would you recommend for the job, I understand the wheel profile will have a square finish.

  6. kay poly

    190cm 27,5 is the max i'm going to go. Can't put up with that ugly stiff no cornering 29er. And if you think you'll drop me because you got bigger diameter? goodluck.

  7. Darren Horrocks

    #askgmbntech Im 6ft4 and 90kg, pretty similar size and build to doddy. I struggle to pick the front wheel up on my Trek Roscoe 8 2018 (21.5"), is it just harder for somebody my size to get far enough back on a bike as big as this? Or do i just need more practice?

  8. Cleav Chua

    #askgmbntech Hi dod, as many of you are running Canyon bikes, I would like to ask if the wheelset (Dt Swiss rims M1900/E1900) can you use any tubeless valve or must you use the DT Swiss tubeless valve as there is a special grove on them?

  9. JbLee

    Hi Doddy #AskGMBNTech, recently bought a pair of mtb wheels few months ago (Fulcrum Red Zone 7 29er, 23mm internal rim width, 28 holes, straight pull). I want to increase my inner rim width by buying a pair of 30mm int. width rims (DT Swiss Rim 29" Cross Mountain M 502 ). I want to save a little bit of money by doing the rim swap myself and just bring my wheels to my LBs for proper true and tension. Any help on what to be aware of aside from the number of nipple holes? Can i use the same nipples and spokes? Thanks very much and keep up the good work on the channel!

  10. Max Francis

    hey! i am a totally beginner and just bought my first Enduro. Now when i go downhill, sometimes my rear tire slips away when i am riding over whet loam or wood. i am riding a 27.5 fully with 160mm front and back. got schwalbe muddy marry front and schwalbe hans dampf on rear tire. both 2,35 wide and 2,2 bar. So do i slip because of my tire or my technic?
    Thanks !

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