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What Is In My Motorcycle Tool Kit – Updated [2019]

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I have been making some changes to my gear, starting with my tools in preparation for a big trip. These are the changes I made to my motorcycle tool kit for this year.

Mostly it comes down to leaving a few heavy items at home that I can make do without, and in some instances it takes a small investment to save some big weight.

Since this is a remake of an old video, with updates I will move quickly through what is in the kit and what I use it for, and focus more on the tips and the things I took out and why.

Hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching!

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3 Replies to “What Is In My Motorcycle Tool Kit – Updated [2019]”

  1. Rui Aquino

    Tim, good morning, my lunch time break, Lol 🙂
    Right now I'm really jealous of this toolbox!

    Actually I do not understand anything about mechanics and I do not do much more than change the brake pads, I can handle a flat tire.
    I also adjust the height of the handlebar and little more …

  2. Jim D

    Very insightful. Thank you for sharing. Maybe I missed it, but I did not see the tire pump on your amazon list of motorcycle equipment. If possible, can you share which on you use? Thanks.

  3. Young gun995

    Awesome tips my first tool kit weighed about 16 pounds lol I kept saying well if this happens I'd need this if this happens I'd need that. Finally got it pared down

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