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Vietnam series Part 3 – Motorbike trip

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Epic 4 day motorbiking trip from Nha Trang to Hoi An in Vietnam. Highly recommended!!

The song selection for this video may seem odd to some, but the reason we wanted to add it is because it was stuck in our heads from day one in Vietnam. It became our Vietnam/group song so to speak. Therefore I think it was only appropriate that we had this song that we couldnt stop playing/singing in at least one of our videos. Its such an addictive and catchy song, especially when you’re in a place that this song suits so well. Why? Well because Vietnam is so epic winning of course!

Thanks again to Nigel for his part in the video taking and contribution to this video.

Credits: The song that was partially used is called Wininng and its by a group called Sonify.

The camera I used to make most of this video is the Panasonic TZ7. The new model the TZ30 is here and it looks amazing:

15 Replies to “Vietnam series Part 3 – Motorbike trip”

  1. roadspartan

    I just keep coming back to this video. It is such an epic trip. How did this get any dislikes at all? You clearly put a lot of work into this video too.

  2. Ranger Tex

    What a great shot at 6:37 – that must have been a special moment for you all. Its such a shame to see the countryside still suffering from the Agent Orange carnage during the war. Great vid!

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