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Trials Biking Through a Cargo Port w/ Kenny Belaey

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Red Bull athlete and 9-times world champion Kenny Belaey started his personal clothing line of t-shirts. The clip ‘Kenny Belaey Cargo’ shows how Kenny takes his trial bike through the Port Of Antwerp, looking for the cargo that contains the first load of his t-shirts. While searching for the cargo container, Kenny has to overcome different natural obstacles, taking his trial bike past different docks, stairways, containers, cranes and forklifts.

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34 Replies to “Trials Biking Through a Cargo Port w/ Kenny Belaey”

  1. Alex Paulsen

    My beef with trials riders on Youtube is that they can have multiple takes at something, and stage everything to make the video more dramatic. We don't see the mistakes, unless they release them at a later date. They also tend to ride without an object, they're more like a freestyle BMX rider just jumping about and "pulling sweet tricks" than racing across an obstacle course as original intended in the sport.

    Also, a great trials rider should be confronted with a linear path, not a variety of obstacles he or she can choose at will. It's not the same when a rider can just omit something they don't like, or can't accomplish. It feels like they can just do what makes them look good on camera, cheap and easy attention…

    Which reminds me of Danny MacAskill. I feel like the majority of his performances are just 180 and 360 bunny hops. Over-complicating your methods of tackling an obstacle by adding unnecessary actions into it, and turning it into a dance routine, is very inefficient. Martyn Ashton was fantastic for NOT doing this, his video "Road Bike Party" had him travelling in a very linear path, rather than around in circles doing time-wasting things. Trials is after all a point-to-point sport, like most other forms of cycling…

    I guess these are the flaws in a non-live performance.

  2. Violet Newstead

    Music always sucks, every time… amazing. Wow, did it again, crap music. (P.S. Kenny is very good at riding his bike. Fucking bad ass son!)

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