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Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing Nitro Bike Video

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Larry Spiderman McBride World’s Fastest Top Fuel Motorcycle Nitro Drag Race Bikes

August 13, 2013 – Night Under Fire Norwalk, Ohio, at Summit Motorsports Park. Larry Spiderman McBride and his extreme top fuel motorcycle dirt drag shoot out. Let her rip. Top fuel Nitro Import vs Harley. Bicycle competition. Really funny. Best flaming exhaust bike ever 4k video on earth. Kawasaki Ninja H2r. Genemuiden. Japanese Electric minibike.

Also Featuring: John Force Funny Car and Cruz Pedregon. Ohio Outlaw AA/Gassers: Featuring Steve Crook in his Tri-5 1956 Blew By You Chevy; Brian Spotts in his It’s Crazy 1948 Anglia; Micky Hale in the Warlock 1948 Austin; Skip Coverdale in his 1948 Anglia; Ed Kasicki in his Phenomenon 1933 Willys; Rocky Pirrone in his Boss Hydro 1933 Willys; Dave Cobb in his Finders Keepers 1933 Willys; Mark Benjamin in his 1933 Williys; Ted Turley in the Traveler 1933 Willys; and Fred Bear in the Big John Mazmanian 1941 Willys. Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars Two Exhibition between Jim Head in his Head Racing Trans Am against Mark Oswald in the Candies Family Racing Cuda. Larry Spiderman McBride and his nitro-fueled 1511cc Puma/Kawasaki. Bob Motz Jet kenworth truck. Jet cars.

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39 Replies to “Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing Nitro Bike Video”

  1. Kawy Thowy

    Man that’s some cool stuff! I wish these guys would come to a track near me. I’m goi g to travel next year and see these guys.

  2. LegoSynth (Official)

    5 thousand bucks on craigslist for a 1000cc sportbike gets you 0-130mph in 10 seconds flat. you can get a damn good idea of this feeling on that street legal purchase, just gotta learn to ride it lol.

  3. Terry Barham

    Made my 1st ever trip to the drag strip Sunday with my Merc C 63 AMG just for fun. Could not believe these bike guys. They are totally insane and my new heroes. One thing I don't understand though. How can they go that fast or even lay in that position with such huge balls ?!

  4. R Junio

    McCarthy of the Red Wings! McBride of Harley Davidson. U "no" u inspire, Suzuki to do the same! V!!! Twin! Richard J… Busaman

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