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Top 4 Hacks To Get You Home | Mountain Bike Maintenance

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How many times have you been out on a ride and something has broken on your bike? No matter how many spares you carry or how far away from home you are, its good to have these MTB hacks in mind to get you home when the inevitable happens!

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No matter how much regular maintenance you do, something will just happen! Snapping a chain, breaking a gear cable or getting a flat, these things happen! So be prepared for the worst by learning these hacks and maybe adding a few simple items to your trail pack!

Pre-ride Checks
One of the most important steps in addressing mechanical issues out on trail is prevention! Some accidents such as damage caused by crashes, snapped chains or gear cables is impossible to predict or prevent, but if you crash because your stem wasn’t tight, well, you’re making problems for yourself!

Snapping a Gear Cable
Breaking your gear cable leaves your gears out of action. A gear cable isn’t something that is frequently carried by riders but we’ve got a top hack that means you don’t have to! Most of us would limp home in our hardest gear, walk or use the limit screws to maybe achieve 2nd or 3rd down the block. However, Doddy’s got an awesome trick that allows you to select whichever gear you’d like and ride home in a manageable singlespeed!

Bent rotor
Some components are easily damaged. Many people bend or buckle disc rotors in crashes or on rocks out on trail. You’re never going to get it perfect but this is hacks to get you home after all! Doddy’s got a great hack to make that buckle a bit smaller as none of us carry around a pair of pliers just in case!

Tyre Tear
Punctures are fairly common, but a slash in the sidewall can stop you in your tracks and prevent repair, even with a tube! In order to address this you can use a tyre boot. Essentially a massive puncture repair patch for the inside of a tyre! This will allow you to inflate a tube inside the tyre whilst the boot bridges the tear. You will need a new tyre, this isn’t a repair that will last, but at least you can ride home! if you don’t have a boot with you then improvise! We’ve seen currency, huge leaves, even another section of tyre used on hacks and bodges!

And those are our top hacks to get you home! Leave us a message in the comments if you’ve got any others!

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23 Replies to “Top 4 Hacks To Get You Home | Mountain Bike Maintenance”


    Can you guys do a hack to get out of a trail when your screws of your disc rotors fly away and you got only one left but you can’t get it off because you didn’t bring your tools to the ride (yep that happened to me and it was really bad)

  2. Samot Roger

    Very Dangerous Tips GNBN at 0:30. Overtightening of screws can damage the srews and handlebars etc.. This causes multiaxial tension in the material. Especially Carbon Fiber does not like this, because it causes delamination, which cant be seen very often. also aluminum handle bars will fatigue much faster because of that high mean stress. Always use a torque wrench for those high end bikes.

  3. Robert Trageser

    Use a dollar bill or energy bar wrapper for a boot. Carry a bent piece of spoke or coathanger to help hold your chain together while repairing it

  4. MTB Ryder

    Had a slash in a sidewall of a Nobby Nic once. I read in a mountain bike mag that I could use needle and thread to pull the split together then leave sealant inside the tyre coating the threads overnight. It seemed to work. I continued to use the tyre (with an inner tube) for best part of a year after that.

  5. unreal1066

    For a slashed tyre carry an old piece of cut toothpaste tube. Lightweight, waterproof, and conforms to the tyre shape. It's less stiff than an old credit card. Another hack i used was a wheel skewer as a tyre lever. It saved me a 3 mile walk back the car.

  6. David Perry

    Doddy you got a lot of problems with your bike you might want to try some other sport something that you get points for breaking things maybe UFC. Seriously though where do ye get all the broken stuff.

  7. Edward Carskadon

    I'm a regular GCN watcher and they always take the time to introduce themselves. Who are you? Great hacks! Cool watch!

  8. Ian Burnett

    I stitched a 1cm long tyre slash (new tyre so didn't want to throw it out) with fishing line; it's held for over a year so far.

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