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TMBTV ActionTracks 7.8 Bristol Motor Speedway – Bristol, TN HD

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The Last Great Colosseum, Bristol Motor Speedway, is the stage as 8 monster truck superstars do battle in the infield of the famous speedway. The tricky asphalt and tough competition always create a great show and with expanded space under the shadow of the Colossus video-screen, the action was exciting. Watch as Dirt Crew, Quad Chaos, Heavy Hitter, War Wizard, Dawg Pound, Stone Crusher, and defending champions from 2015, Bigfoot and Hooked. Also including the Tee’d Off jet golf cart and drift car action.

6 Replies to “TMBTV ActionTracks 7.8 Bristol Motor Speedway – Bristol, TN HD”

  1. Tom Dolton

    I would have thought that Stone Crusher was going for the bus at Full Throttle to get Mega Big air had he done that that wood have put him over the top end he would have definitely taken freestyle.

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