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This Ride Blew My Mind – Part Two

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The Foresthill Epic Continues broh!

Watch part one here:

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24 Replies to “This Ride Blew My Mind – Part Two”

  1. Chump MTB

    Those descents were blind? Holeee! I couldn't ride those trails that fast if that was my backyard, and I built the trail, haha! Great couple of vids guys! Looks like some of the best trails anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jessie Wadkins

    So stoked to watch this. You ride right by my bro's house in Michigan Bluff. I am going to have a hot shower and cold beer waiting for me when I ride it!

  3. doug scribner

    both of these videos are awesome! Those trails look amazing to ride, such great footage and you guys rode amazing…blind never the less!! Keep it up boys!!

  4. Willbros

    It's funny to hear how surprised you guys were by the quality of the trail. I love rides like that, where you can't believe it's that good, and you wonder why there isn't more talk about it. Thanks for the recap, and you guys are pinning it, riding blind. Nice!

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