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This is how the Police OVERREACT Toward Bikers.

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They really drag it when it comes to sportbikers and dirtbikers. Shit is so stupid and extra. The video shows it all.
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41 Replies to “This is how the Police OVERREACT Toward Bikers.”

  1. Jason Smith

    At 0:29 you passed the black Taurus cop car that pulled in front. They were in the on coming traffic. So they saw you accelerate and thought bike thief????? IDK. Either way they had that median blocking them so they literally had to go down to the light and flip a u turn to catch up with you. Sketchy as fuck.


    I won't bike rider in the united states, american cops are all fucking assholes towards bike riders, whether they are good riders or bad

  3. Tom H.

    In an affluent suburb somewhere in the Southern US, I saw two bikers doing the speed limit, each in their own lane. A cop car was following them and tapping his brakes so as to not pass them. Those bikers were probably white-collar or music-industry people living in houses that cop couldn't ever hope to own. Harmless people but viewed with suspicion because they're on two very fast wheels.

  4. TT2BIG

    first thing..passing on the right not the left.second..changing lanes no blinker.third…passing on right look at cops face mad already..that was not ticket..bye bye..gone through this for 30 yrs..that is just a NAZI authority check..

  5. John Oleary

    That 1st cop.
    He was naked infront of the mirror.
    And got a hard on.
    He asked his wife.
    Honey im naked and i got a hard on….
    His wife replied.
    Thats because even your dick recognises your a CUNT.

  6. MirroringTruth

    Well by :50 sec in I seen ya break the law at least twice. 1) 0:20 you passed on the far right lane, and not on the left. 2) 0:45 You lane swapped in-between cars with no signal. No point in watching anymore.


    People like this idiot are exactly why the Police cant stand bikers! Bikers in NY are the worst riders in the country. Cut ppl off, blow past them at 150 mph, pulls wheelies in the street slowing down traffic, etc…. Oh its because he's a black male well maybe its because black males ride like assholes!

  8. Just Rob

    This video is such BS! You made several moving violations in just this video alone, and they pulled you over for them. Yes, it seems like a lot of cops for just one guy on a motorcycle. They came in assertively, as many bikers do run from cops in these congested city streets. They seemed to be respectful throughout the whole thing and even let you go without a ticket. With that many cops they were probably looking for stolen motorcycles, and as a bike owner, who could not have at least a little appreciation for that?

  9. Wall Cutter

    I am old dude who rides a 1000 sport bike and I can't stand the to young guns who ride like total fucking dickheads and cause cops to hate us

  10. Wall Cutter

    You can thank all the other idiot riders who are out there doing crazy shit!! Today's current generation of sport bike riders are the ones who cause cops to react like this!! You can see the videos of them flipping cops off and riding off

  11. Bulltexas2011

    Will lets count the moving violations 1. Lane change in a intersection 2. lane change without a blinker 3. Splitting cars lane change without a blinker. 4. Speeding. They are reaching, you are breaking the law. This is a country of laws and when you break them you have to pay the consequences. They didn't pull you over because you are black or because you are riding a bike. They pulled you over because you were breaking the law.

  12. lecu1967

    They probably thought, when you moved up beside the car that you were attempting to rob him… given that you're black – which is known as the universal descriptor… looking for a black male…

  13. exadeci

    The way that used to stop you was a bit over the top but I guess they've had motorcycles flee them before.
    As he said you didn't use your blinkers, I noticed it before they stopped you, you are giving them an excuse to stop you.

  14. Moto Compilations

    Hello The illestrator, it's been a year and I found you here again, would you allow us to include this video in one of our compilations? Thank you a lot!

  15. paraNORMALity 505ABQ

    Go back and review the film. Not once do you see his thumb on the left make a lane change signal. Other than that it’s all bs.

  16. maze me

    cop see your recording then knew they couldn't keep harassing you. looked like he tried to tell you not to use your phone, another lawless request

  17. Himmarshee Street Live

    Oh man, that was you in a video compilation I saw, and wondered what in the world???!!! It looked as if a guy on a bike stopped at the light, and a car rolled up, stopped in front of him, and dudes came out to beat him up in broad daylight!!! I thought to myself, what in the world did that guy do to piss off those guys in the car??? Now, the mystery is finally solved. Those weren't juice monkeys, thugs, or mafioso, they were police officers!!! Then again, in many cases, there is not much difference. And a good number of them are one in the same!

  18. Syd Danis

    All that police presence for NOTHING ,not even a ticket…no wonder they are broke… I would love to read the incident report.. We had shit to do so we stopped a bike to look at it and scare the rider ,it didn't work.. we got played because dude was smart enough to record us.

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