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The mountain bike industry seems to be ignoring a huge population of people, and a bigger population of potential riders. Tell me what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to “Like” and Subscribe, cheers!

Trail: Pemberton Trail, McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Maricopa County, Arizona
Gear: 2016 Intense Spider

32 Replies to “THE MOUNTAIN BIKE INDUSTRY IS MISSING OUT // Mountain Bike Advice”

  1. Outdoor Gold

    Whaaaaa, I didn't leave a comment when I watched this 3 days ago! Don't give me an F because I'm turning it in now! Your video reminded me of the Vital MTB article talking about how youtubers were dipping into the cash that once belonged to professional riders. It will be interesting how the industry changes if it does going into the future.

  2. Steven Marshall

    I always believed that the biking industry should market towards those in need of weight loss and health/injury rehab. I have gotten so many of my friends that were rehabbing leg injuries into biking. Now that we are all healed we all kept riding!

  3. David Mithen

    Surprised you have succumbed to the marketing with clip in pedals lol. Another great video, thanks man and 6 kids would be hard to like all of them haha.

  4. MTB Zen Master

    SUBSCRIBED! Brilliant way to build awareness. Just getting started on YouTube, but my next video on my ride i bump into some "old school" riders one of which was 75yrs old. Here in Connecticut we have a large group of mature shredders. AND they aint just ridding flow trails. NICE!

  5. Big B

    I agree. Pushing fifty and I’ll never be a ripper, jumper, or bro. I have to still work after all. I appreciate those that can and occasionally go to watch the fast kids and throughly enjoy the show. But, deep down I know it’s not me. I can get nice bikes but I buy what suits my style. That being something that gets me to the top of the climb without killing me, and takes me down the other side without threatening life and limb. It’s called a trail bike. To all the bros I see on the trails, yes I do know what my bikes cost, and yes I do realize how much slower I am than you on them. Talk to me in thirty years about it. I do like your style Mr. Mountain Bike Advise.

  6. BlindstuffMTB

    Spot on outlook! I get so many people who are scared to try the sport because they think its only about Rampage level stuff, when in reality, just being out there is a huge part of the fun, regardless of what kind of riding you're doing. I like to ride some gnarly sections, I also like to ride some nice and easy beautiful trails just for experience.

  7. Cobra Kyle

    Well said! My non riding friends and co-workers picture me doing all that wild stuff and they always act like "I could never do that" to which I respond "you don't have to". It would be cool to see beginners be more empowered to try the sport! You always pick the best topics!

  8. george k

    How have I missed your channel this long? My brother-in-law and I are 71 and we're just happy to ride the trails, any trails, now and in the future. Would like to do the iconic trails like Moab, Fruita, etc. in the future without all the danger some videos expound. Great outlook. Thanks.

  9. RunningKicksButt

    I agree! Marketing a new group of people such as families who want to ride bikes together. Adults that want to stay fit after they get off of work or during the weekend. Not everyone wants to rail those berms and jump those jumps! Glad to see you and your wife riding the trails – a family that rides together…stays fit together!

  10. Terry McCarthy

    Lots of sports industries are missing this same boat. Lots and lots of Baby Boomers edging into their golden years (read: what in the hell am I going to do now that I am retired?) with time, energy and righteous mula…. Someone needs to do a poll of the average age and net worth of the kiters at the Hood River event site just to prove my point.

  11. Nate Rides Bikes

    Nice work on the video and a lot of good points here. As I moved past 40 I found myself getting less interested in really gnarly stuff. I still enjoy challenging myself but keeping those challenges more within my comfort zone.

    Are those the Tortolita mountains near Tucson/Marana? They look familiar but I wasn't certain.

  12. Wanna Ride Bikes

    Spot on. The stigma of mountian biking is ripping down a single track sending it over the biggest jump or hitting the berm hard. That stigma is totally wrong for most part. The sport is to have fun or family fun or heck. Mental health issues. Just fun and relaxing. Now by saying that a bike shop I went to for years. I mean years. They moved the shop …I said I might bring a camera here to do some shots of the shop ..they stopped what they was doing and said wait let me check ya out. They did. And continued to say weird shit. ..since they moved they got snobby like. I went back to the other shop the dud e was like why not. Just bring it in. Even bike shops get stigma. Old bike to new bike. If I bring a bike in please don't say go look at the 2019 version on sale

  13. ggutierz ,

    That's so true the majority of people I see mountain biking in my area look to be in there late 30s and over…I my self am over 40…

  14. CasualMTB

    Yet again Matt, another vid where I completely agree with you – I think the way the marketing should go (and certainly in this age of social media) is more toward showing groups of friends or family having fun together, through mountain biking. Just a simple picture of everyone having a laugh on bikes is all that's needed.
    Because you're right – when I see a guy doing a massive 30ft huck off a boner log in whistler, it doesn't make me want the bike – it's just intimidating.

  15. The Muddy Cyclist

    I think MTB industry doesn’t so much market to young people, but more markets a lifestyle that it thinks appeals to all. In mountain bike world, people are young, healthy, active and daring. Buy a mountain bike & even though you are going bald and grey, maybe, just maybe some of that stardust may rub onto you. Just a thought.

  16. Fat Guy Biking

    Thanks for making this Matt this was exactly why I made my channel to appeal to the Family guy/gal thats trying to better their life by being out in nature. I would love to be an "A-line junkie" but truth is I probably never will im in my late 30s so just not bouncing back as quick anymore. Plus I want to get my kids and wife in on the action and there is no way they are going to be doing what I am already doing. I get what the companies are trying to do as im sure you do but youre right you cant exclude a majority of a demographic especially one with disposable income (im not one of them unfortunately). Great video man!

  17. Workhorse MTB

    Gary V says companies need to start doing targeted marketing campaigns. I don't see why mountain bike companies should be any different. I think sponsoring YouTubers and being involved in this space are a great way to engage people on a bunch of different levels in a bunch of different demographics.

    Great video as always…now back to work.

    I noticed your subscriber count creeping up too. Keep up the great work

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