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Teaching Myself to Ride a Dirt Bike #1 – lets see how bad I am to start with?

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I have been hugely lucky to have been allowed to have a play at this site, it is not normal, and it is not allowed normally without specific permission.
Riding on the road we have to take a CBT…. so it makes perfect sense to practice some basic off road skills to try to improve and be able to ride safer. I found this time really helpful on later rides and I am massively looking forward to further opportunities to practice basic skills again in the future.

My bikes:

2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone, aka “Lord Vader” which has been very customised
2019 Beta ALP 4.0 Dual Sport (Suzuki DR350 engine)
2018 Triumph Street Triple R (low ride height) with Yoshimura Alpha T exhaust

My kit:

Rukka textiles, Held Warm n’ Dry gloves
Dainese 2-piece leathers, Forcefield back protector, RST supermoto gloves
Boots: Daytona Road Star GTX gortex (all year round awesome)
Chilled rides:
Weise retro jacket, Levis, work boots.
Green Laning:
Oxford Montreal jacket and pants, Sidi Crossfire SRS boots, Fox MX gloves

My helmets:

Motovlogging: Nishua Enduro Carbon with peak removed
Green Laning: LS2 Subverter
Trackdays: Arai Chaser V
Commuting with no camera: Schuberth S2
Chilled rides with no camera: Davida Jet “8 Ball”


Insta360 One X
GoPro Hero Seven 7 Black
GoPro Hero Six 6 Black
GoPro Hero Five 5 Black
GoPro Hero Five 5 Session

SailVideoSystem mount:

My editing software:

Here are some affiliate links to a selection of the kit I use:

Quad Lock Stem Mount:

Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount:

Quad Lock Universal Adaptor:

Insta360 one X:

1/4″ to GoPro mount adapter:

In helmet microphone:


GoPro Hero 5 Session:

GoPro Hero 7 Black:

Rubber GoPro cover:

GoPro ball joint buckle:

SUGRU used to mount the GoPro:

SD cards I use:

My new bike stand:

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19 Replies to “Teaching Myself to Ride a Dirt Bike #1 – lets see how bad I am to start with?”

  1. CaptainCranky

    Good on ya mate, don't be so hard on yourself, learning the slow stuff puts you way above most riders who can ride fast… then fall off while trying to park, haha!!
    Funnily enough I've been hooked on slow riding practice since I started riding (way before off-roading) – I seriously think this helped me convert to off road, slow riding as I already instinctively drag the back brake on slow, tricky manoeuvres.
    For some reason I'm the opposite – much better at left turns… I think it's because I like having my foot on the rear brake pedal and have to take it off to put the foot down on right turns?
    Awesome of those people to let you practice in there, great spot!!

  2. ripmax333

    You remind me when i was riding with the CRF250L, just keep practicing and don’t worry about the falls its just a good workout instead lifting weights. Now that i got the Beta alp200 everything seems to work much much better, its incredible how much difference it makes with a light bike, the boost in confidence its just amazing. Ride On!

  3. Meifesto Twowheels

    Yeah, you can borrow the ground no worries.
    "digs a semi-cirkle ditch" xD

    Something with left hand turns and engine stops.

  4. Rob 64

    Keep practicing mate. Its easy for everyone to make comments but all you can do is practice.
    I found when I done motocross it was to keep the revs up and slip the clutch, it's just getting the combination right. The other thing I was told is to get your leg out.
    Try watching motocross videos it may help, I know you're interested more in the enduro side, but a lot of the riders started in motocross. Rsmf.

  5. Land Shark 503

    I forgot to ask about your One X, too! None the worse for wear, I hope? I almost screamed like a girl when I saw the pole become separated from the mount!

  6. Land Shark 503

    I spent from age 4 to 17 riding dirt bikes, and thought street bikes were riding around on slippery roads & tires, and it was just smoke & mirrors keeping them from skidding around at any second… πŸ™‚ Damn, I miss off roading… (and this was a great vid) πŸ™‚

  7. Banditmanuk

    Off road is hard work, guess the more you do the better you get. When I had my WR250 I found I picked up lots of skills by just riding with experienced off road riders. Physical fitness does play a big part as well… something that didn't improve for me.

  8. Cave Troll

    At first the 3d cam looked like you were in PUBG lol that was cool to bad the mount didn't work. keep it up brother you will get better at it.

  9. Matt Barter

    Is there something weird with how you have the clutch lever set up? You seem to have better control at a stretched arm – turning to the right – it can feel weird when you wrist is bent and crunched up – turning left- I would have thought having the lever set further out so your fingers stretch to the lever would make is more consistent left to right. – does that make any sort of sense?

  10. Bimble

    I really enjoyed this mate, too many people omit this early stage of learning & only show when they've mastered or at least are able to get the front wheel up & turn in both directions…incidentally I can do neither, so need to get some practice going on…& oddly I can turn left better & have a duff left ankle! πŸ™‚

  11. dave xs

    Nice one Pete……your out there practising. Like the drone shots from above, good idea. By the time I get back I'll never keep up!!!!!

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