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SYD’S FIRST RIDE ON A PLUS BIKE — Jamis Portal 27.5+ | Syd and Macky TV Ep. 1

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In this episode, we build up Syd’s Jamis Portal from a 29er to a 27.5+, and head to the trails at Lake Hope State Park to try it out!

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42 Replies to “SYD’S FIRST RIDE ON A PLUS BIKE — Jamis Portal 27.5+ | Syd and Macky TV Ep. 1”

  1. The More We Explore

    you guys are the best. Can't wait to reconnect this year. I'm a huge fan of plus tires, especially on a hardtail. Then again… I don't race and I'm slow anyway. 🙂

  2. Marty See

    I have been into fitness for years and blood restriction training looks really dangerous.You guys getting light headed like that is not good. Find another PT.By the way most fast riders know how to use the trail to go faster and overall fitness is not as big a factor as even I use to think.Watch how little these guys pedal on some of their vid's yet there absolutely flying.I think at the level Syd and Macky are at its all about conserving energy.

  3. Jordan Sands

    With you guys planning on endurance XC stuff, you should look into the NUE series! It’s a national race series. Most offer either a 100k or 100 miler event. They’re awesome and a lot of fun!

  4. Jackie Gammon

    Having lived in the midwest for many years, I'm looking at your video and being reminded how much easier it was to ride in the winter months than New England. LOL! Great video, truly enjoyed that fact that Syd's parents were riding as well! Also, looks as though they have a pretty cool van build… any chance of seeing a video on that?Yes, I'm a bike shop girl but love seeing van builds as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. pho3nixmatt

    What's really funny is Macky complaining about climbing stairs on the way to the Rip cave. It's like the people who have to park at the front row at the gym. 😀

  6. Wild Outdoor Living

    It should be the same size except…. Nominal sizes are kinda bogus. If you go around measuring tires you ll find that they are only sort of vaguely that tall.

    29er rims are 622mm
    27.5 rims are 584mm
    26er rims are 559mm

    You ll quickly notice that "27.5" is significantly closer to 26 than it is to 29. Thus 27.5×3 are still quite a bit shorter than 29ers.

  7. Tony G

    Before you go right back to 29”, give a knobbier plus tire a try as a legit comparison for competition. All the “brahs” hate on plus but there has been lots of evidence showing that in the right conditions they can be the fastest option. Maybe 2.6 or 2.8.

  8. Chump MTB

    Can I just point out the irony of complaining about how many stairs you have to climb to get to your work out room? It's kinda like circling the parking lot 5 times to make sure you get the closest parking space to the gym, haha 😉 Just teasing

  9. Robert Rob

    YouTube sucks. There still is this auto scroll bug in YouTube. My screen is clean and has no issues. Who else is having this problem?

  10. djiembefola

    I love plus tires; I started with a Fuse with 27.5 x 3, then a hardtail Ti bike with 27.5x 2.8 and now a new full squish carbon 29×2.6 ; I'm not purposely going less plus by design but the industry seems to be trying to "flatten" the plus market. It'll be interesting to see how the new Stumpy 29×2.6 goes …… I love the extra traction and confidence on loose surfaces!

  11. sapinva

    Jim's bike stand is genius. You do know that those BFR thingies are meant to be used in conjunction with training? Maybe get a 2" axle and some plates from Rogue (not far away from where you are) and do some real work.

  12. SuperTrombone13

    I have a hardtail plus/29er bike and it sits quite a bit higher with 29" wheels compared to plus wheels. I run 3" plus tires and 2.4" 29er tires. I know the standard plus tire size most people run and most companies design around is a 2.8" tire which has significantly smaller diameter than a 29er set up therefore changing your bottom bracket height.

  13. Taffy Cymro Uk MTB

    Cheese SYD lol Mmmm that chicken soup look nice, Like the Bike rack so Cool Great Idea, that what I do engineering and welding i Like that SYD&MACKY Syd was really enjoy the New Tiers Macky ;0)

  14. Doug Scarborough

    Nice.. I think part of the chip flip is due to the 27.5s running a lot less pressure thus making the 27.5s smaller when weighted on the trail…?

  15. Demonio Joe

    I've been running plus size tires for a while and they are GREAT fun. I also ride a fat bike as well….one with an air shock fork. Would love to see an episode with y'all on fat bikes and get your take on them. Maybe a snow ride? But definitely on some downhill stuff….I can shred downhill on a fat bike.

  16. Pedals and Plants

    I LOVE my 6fattie! I have 2 wheelsets so, if I don wanna run fat, I have a 29" wheelset ready to go, love the versatility!

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