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STEEL RATS – Bikers Rap | Dan Bull

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Sponsored! Steel Rats is a retrofuturistic dieselpunk 2.5D action biker game about destroying robots and stuff!
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Words: Dan Bull, Nick J Henderson
Music: Sinima Beats (
Video: Tate Multimedia and Nick J Henderson (

DISCLAIMER: This video was made on behalf of Tate Multimedia as an advertisement for the video game Steel Rats.

26 Replies to “STEEL RATS – Bikers Rap | Dan Bull”

  1. Dan Bull

    Thanks to Tate Multimedia for sponsoring me to make this song about Steel Rats, do go and check out the game if you like any of the following: Motorbikes, Robots, dieselpunk, retrofuturism, stunts, gaming, or me.
    This song is also on Spotify. It's called…. "Steel Rats".
    Oh and thanks to my videomancer Nick for joining me on the gang vocals in the chorus. None of them were in tune but collectively the law of averages made them sound in tune!

  2. Rafid Hassan

    I feel sad that Dan doesn't get more views. It's clear that he works really hard for his videos. Still, thanks for the wonderful lyrical masterpieces of yours.

  3. Tyler Hill

    Hey Dan, do you think you might be able to do a Super Smash Ultimate Rap since it's going to be released soon? (Dec 7) Would make my entire year, and a lot of others! 😀

  4. Chris bromley-west

    hey dan, any chance we're gonna get an "article 13" rant/rap? because i'd love to hear your thoughts on it, preferably in lyrical format. (although i'm 99% sure you basically called out lilly allen for basically the exact same thing that james blunt is now saying soooo maybe it's unnecessary?)

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