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RMFantasy SXperts Round 9 | 2018 Atlanta Supercross

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RMFantasy SXperts Tips and Trivia!

Are you ready for the 2018 RMFantasySX Season? RMFantasySX is powered by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and is the premier fantasy supercross game. This is Episode 9 of 17 where we come to you with our best info and insights for every upcoming race!

We’ve got incredible prizes for those who finish in the top 10 at the end of the season, including race-prepped KTM 450 SX-F and KTM 250 SX-F bikes, a trip to the 2018 Monster Energy Cup, a trip to Rainbow Studios (creators of the MX vs. ATV series), Dunlop tires for a year, an Alpinestars gear/casual package, a DC shopping spree, a Motion Pro tool/accessory package, Tusk impact wheels, and a 100% goggle/casual package.

When it comes to fantasy supercross, you can’t beat RMFantasySX with its stellar lineup of prizes, easy-to-use interface and simple ruleset. Get signed up today at

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27 Replies to “RMFantasy SXperts Round 9 | 2018 Atlanta Supercross”

  1. Shawn Powell

    RACE RECAP! : 0) Cooper was good because it was his hometown race for the most part.. I called him doing well for this week.. He had a lot of family and friends there for him from NC.. Also Cooper does better on the east coast.. Baggett does the same thing.. Baggett always finishes the season stronger.. Baggett just doing what Baggett does.. He's a little guy on a big bike that is fast through the whoops, gets good starts and not scared at all of jumps.. Can make for a hell of a combination.. Sucks about the crash for Baggett.. Anderson needs 4th place or better every race.. And that's it.. What Anderson doesn't want and need is to battle with Tomac and get his ass taken out, Roczen style and makes this a tight battle for the championship.. I think Anderson is just learning at this time.. That's why he was looking back.. He needed to see what he needed to do.. He's thinking Championship obviously every race.. Tomac needs Anderson to battle him and to park his ass.. We'll see what Anderson does.. Anderson's aggression and keeping it up is what makes him strong.. So a little hard to back down on that for him as well..

    Musquin looked good and it was a Musquin track.. It was a precise track and you know Tomac and others say they want more separation throughout the pack with the tracks.. Well this track was suppose to be one of them.. I was a little surprised Tomac didn't do better at first.. That 5th place 1st Main.. Even Musquin made a clean pass and stuck for 4th place.. Not something Tomac would normally allow.. The problem I think was you couldn't override this track in many places and in a way that made it less separation.. That is why Tomac didn't shine here sort of.. This took away from his strong points. Two big surprises obviously Hill getting hurt and then Craig getting two holeshots and led for a while before fading.. Anyone doing Fantasy I am sure hurt with this alone with points.. : 0)

    Forkner took Zack's line out.. He didn't think Zack was quite that close.. Forkner took that line on purpose but he wasn't trying to take Zack out.. Dungey said that Forkner's back brake was taken out when he hit the tough block. Well that was right at the time he went in in front of Zack. Might had something to do with it.. He might have just learn the issue and was trying to close off Zack for that corner..

    Davalos reminds me SO much of Seely.. Fast and can get starts but just can't put it together and often gets the bad end of the stick way too often.. This is now officially called the Seely Davalos syndrome.. : 0)

  2. EarthSurferUSA

    1) Fast "Jumpy" track.
    2) 3 intense shorter sprint type races.
    3) Dirt that is known to get very rutty.
    How many top racers end up in the hospital tonight? That factor is left out of the fantasy.

  3. Christer Stefansson

    Tomac will crash , Marvin will get a bad start , Andersson will finish 5th , Barcia will crash and JH will win hands down.

  4. Shawn Powell

    Fellas, I am NOT a fan of the Triple Crown.. Just getting that out there.. : 0) I think it is too ricky a race to be honest.. Some of the riders you have moving up like Deano and such.. You are missing Roczen, Barcia, Seely.. They HAVE to move up.. : 0) It's that or lose to Ghostman on First.. : 0) Some things to think about this weekend.. Like always, What are the whoops like for Musquin.. Can't tell til qualifying.. Same as every week.. Musquin was slow in the whoops like usual but made up for it in other spots.. Just have to wait and see.. But he gets good starts.. That will help this week.. And man what an awesome Rythem section last week.. THAT is what a Rythem section is suppose to be like.. Top guys going through 3 at a time ALL taking different techniques and lines.. Great track.. Hill did exactly what I thought Hill would do.. So much of Supercross is mental.. Hill WANTED to prove himself and he WANTS to ride the 450.. Wanting does a lot for a rider. He would not have held off Tomac charging I am sure, but a 3rd he could have gotten I believe.. If this weekend was a NORMAL, no triple Crown crap.. I would say put Hill on the box probably 3rd place finish.. But it's not so who knows really.. Tomac won the triple crown last time.. I see him doing it again this week.. Anderson is NOT racing these guys just yet.. A 3rd is a TITLE WIN for Anderson.. Just doesn't need to mix it up with Tomac or Marv to be honest.. Doing so would be playing into their hands.. There is a certain amount of Politics that go with having the points lead like that.. Still too early.. He fight to keep no less than 4th this year and just call it a day..

    Something to think about as well.. Atlanta is the closest to a home race as Webb gets.. That is going to mean a lot for him.. He has been gaining momentum and I think he will hang it out this weekend.. I don't know what that means with this Triple Crown crap.. : 0) I think we will see him doing his best in at least one of the races if not two of them mixing it up for a while near the front.. Webb is from NC.. A lot of NC will be there in attendance.. Damon Bradshaw had a lot of fans at every Atlanta race.. Some here consider Webb the Damon Bradshaw of modern day from NC.. There will be many there in his supoort.. Baggett is going to be doing what Baggett does.. Smiling and getting about a 3rd or 4th place finish.. 3rd to 5th basically for the rest of the season on average.. Peick being a Solid 5th or 6th like usual.. It being Triple Crown and he gets decent starts and hold off anyone faster pretty well in the process.. He rides a wide bike for sure and has the speed to match most of them .. I'm thinking 5th.. We'll see..

    I see, Tomac, Musquin, Anderson, Hill, Cooper, Baggett, Peick! Top 7 spots.. : 0) I just hope they ALL leave their healthy.. We don't need any more riders out..
    Hope next year Atlanta is NOT a Triple Crown, Just saying.. : 0)

  5. Rodrigo Salas Olivares

    Answer of your question: Justin Brayton
    In my picks I left JA out of the top 5. The Probability he has a really bad start on at least one of the triple crown races is = one.

  6. chase dutton

    I think Hill can improve on his ride from last weekend, clearly rides the 450 well and is fast! I think Anderson will put in a solid performance but I have to agree, Tomac is on fire! Would be great to see Baggett on the podium too, depends this triple crown is interesting and it’s up to whoever can adjust to the format. My opinion cheers.

  7. Jun Tion

    couldve had 4 picks right last time, changed it last minute.. 25 3 21 hill (i dont know his number. lol) and 2.. 15 for wildcard.

  8. posternaut

    That last race was insane! Funny re-cap! I hope to get at lease two riders this week by watching qualifying. 722 was spot on with Hill’s performance but I think he will podium tomorrow night.

  9. Jay San

    Chase! Popular!! Thanks for rejecting your other incoming call during broadcast! You guys handled it like champs funny smirks tho!!! ###CR22 go get some!!

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