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RMFantasy SXperts Round 17 | 2018 Las Vegas Supercross

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Are you ready for the 2018 RMFantasySX Season? RMFantasySX is powered by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and is the premier fantasy supercross game. This is Round 17 of 17 episodes!

We’ve got incredible prizes for those who finish in the top 10 at the end of the season, including race-prepped KTM 450 SX-F and KTM 250 SX-F bikes, a trip to the 2018 Monster Energy Cup, Dunlop tires for a year, an Alpinestars gear/casual package, a DC shopping spree, a Motion Pro tool/accessory package, Tusk impact wheels, and a 100% goggle/casual package.

When it comes to fantasy supercross, you can’t beat RMFantasySX with its stellar lineup of prizes, easy-to-use interface and simple ruleset. Get signed up today at

RMFantasy SXperts 2018 Salt Lake City Supercross

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27 Replies to “RMFantasy SXperts Round 17 | 2018 Las Vegas Supercross”

  1. Todd Moser

    Are you guys doing a fantasy motocross? I am really embarassed by my performance and I need a chance at redemption? You should both sign the dunce cap and then raffle that off…lol!!!

  2. EarthSurferUSA

    Eli will catch Marvin, (who will be in second), and put Marvin in the cheap seats.
    Marvin will complain "You were not going for the win, and can not win the championship!! Why did you take me out like that!!??".
    Eli will reply; "Right, I was going for revenge, and you eared it fair and square."
    "That's Racing!" 🙂

  3. Christian Turner

    I think Tomac brings the heat in Vegas and wins by a mile, 2nd i bet Anderson gets a good start but gets passed by Tomac on the first lap and lets him go. 3rd i think Baggett gets on the box again without a lot of drama. 4th i think Barcial-law will edge out Craig. Wild card, i think it's safe to pick Chad Reed this week! Thanks for the Awesome year on Fantasy Sx this year, I will be back for my title run again next year! lol

  4. EarthSurferUSA

    Doesn't "Commando Ando" need to get 9th place with13 points to win the championship, (not 10th), with the new points system? Not positive.
    It would be 8th place with last years system.

  5. Jason Hull

    Great show, guys. This season finale is going to be good. I have a feeling Anderson will manage the pressure and race to the championship, but I think Musquin is out to win it, too. He won't be settling for anything but first place. That said, I think Tomac has his eye on another win. Either way, we're in for a good fight to set the stage for outdoors. Trivia this week was interesting. There have been twelve different wild card winners so far this season. Reed has the most wins at three, but Brayton and Peick each have two. My picks this week: Musquin, Baggett, Tomac, Craig, Anderson, and Wilson for the wildcard.

  6. Shawn Powell

    (( Alright fellas.. I have this week Eli in first.. Musquin in a scared to damn death of Eli 2nd place.. He doesn't want to tangle with Eli in this race.. I have Baggett coming in strong for a good third.. Barcia in 4th and Weston Peick in 5th.. I think the three of them Baggett, Barcia and Peick, could make for an awesome race right by themself.. All three are going to want to finish the last race strong and all three are deserving to be honest.. Proud of of all three of them this year putting in an incredible effort, even with injuries at times..

    Anderson I think is going to be playing it safe but safely behind Musquin.. We have seen rock solid riders that the number plate got real damn heavy on the 17th race in Vegas.. I think it's going to be dragging the ground for Anderson for this race.. : 0) But I hope he puts it together and wins this season without too much stress and strain in this last race..

    Wild card 8th I have Deano putting in for a good race.. Might change it up after practice.. But possibly if the math works in it's favor.. Could see Anderson finishing that far back in safe mode as well depending on Musquin's placement. Anderson is NOT going to try and fight or pass Musquin at any place.. Just not needed and would be stupid for him too.. Think Dungey and Eli last year over and over every lap.. : 0)

    It would be interesting to see Eli be up front and see Marv take a swing at Eli in need of points if it is real close in positions.. I wouldn't put it past him for sure.. Or seeing Eli clean his clock just for the hell of it and deminish Marv's chances once and for all.. I'd laugh my ass off if it happens for sure.. : 0)

    Oh and I I just got my package from RM for my perfect week picks a couple of weeks ago.. Much appreciated and impressive for them to put on this Fantasy Racing for us.. I didn't start until about 6 rounds ago or so.. But I will be in it for all year come next year.. So look forward to seeing you fellas then and look for my comments as well.. Thanks to all three of you.. Might see you at one of the tracks one day, you never know.. : 0) ))

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