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Racer X Films: 2019 450 Factory Bikes

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At the opening round of Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship, former pro David Pingree combed the pits to find out what new parts the factory teams are using in 2019.

Riders featured:
Ken Roczen
Jason Anderson
Eli Tomac
Chad Reed
Justin Barcia
Marvin Musquin

33 Replies to “Racer X Films: 2019 450 Factory Bikes”

  1. Chad Brown

    Young man, there's no need to feel down

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    There's no need to be unhappy

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  2. Robert Rishel

    As far as I’m concerned these are THE most interesting videos. Period. Ping, you should just do a channel looking at pro motocross bikes; road race bikes; gncc bikes; trials bikes; GT cars….etc. just the equipment in depth, in detail, hi-res. It would be a hit. I remember when I was a kid, the MXA and dirt bike magazines with articles featuring works bikes were always my favorite.

  3. Joe German

    interesting stuff! i saw herlings bike at hawkestone international pre season race feb last year and saw he was running takasago rims and it didnt make sense, which it now does. thanks pingree! i thought he was getting ready for outdoors on a heavier bike as like conditioning for the big races haha

  4. snarfdwarf

    the rearbrake protector on Justins bike is for his aggressive overtaking moves. Where he slams the back of the bike against the frontwheel of an apponent 🙂

  5. nick payne

    I like how he’s talking about all these cool little pieces but the only closeups they show are the bars. I guess I’ll just have to use my imagination to see the titanium engine bits.

  6. chnl2commentisdumb

    Husk-uh-var-na? It's Hoosk-varna! Also, A-crop-uh-vich, not ack-roh-paw-vic. Avoid the Euro names and you'll be good! 😉 Purdy bikes!

  7. EarthSurferUSA

    Do you think all this electronic acquisition data technology can replace the wisdom of a Roger DeCoster as to figure out how a bike should perform? I just don't think any Engineer out of school could do the job Roger does with all this electronic stuff that is suppose to make the job easier. Give RC 6 months to train, and he will beat the world on a 1997 KX250, and Roger would get 2nd.

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