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PACK RACING! | MENCS19 Mod at Michigan Int. Speedway | NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

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Today on NR2003 we showcase the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series 2019 Mod made by Splash’N’Go Graphics at Michigan International Speedway.

I went into the track ini files and changed the Chassis Type to “1” to simulate what the 2019 Cup Series Areo/Engine Package could possibly look like out on the track.

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Mods Used in This Video:

MENCS19 Mod:
Armory Digital UIE 2013:
Michigan Int. Speedway:
*2018 Sound Pack (without the airwrench sounds because it crashed my game):
Aric Almirola Scheme by EllyProductions:

*I also have a mix of other sounds and speech audibles that I was given a while ago but I have no idea where those downloads are or who made them. If you recognize them I would greatly appreciate if someone gave a shout out to them in the comments and a download source so I can add that here at a later time. Thanks!

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  1. Matt Chaffe

    On January 9th, 2019 we hit 400 Subscribers on the channel! Thank you to all who have followed me and watch my content! I guess this video is a gift to you guys for still being here! Here's a toast to growing the channel even more!

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