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My First Minutes on the 2003 Honda CR250R Build! – Sam’s thoughts too!

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Here are my first few minutes on the 2003 Honda CR250R project bike. Yes, this is the bike that we spent the better part of 2018 working on. My friend and riding buddy Scott Seely did all of the work on the bike. Now, for the first time, I’m getting to ride it. The bike has a ton of power. It all comes on at once though! Not really much low end torque on this bike while in the lower rpms, and then it all comes at once. This causes some traction issues for sure. The power isn’t as linear as the KTMs and Sherco’s that I’ve been riding recently.

Even though I have the bike set up with the same sag specs, it doesn’t feel like it’s balanced when riding it. It feels like the front half of the bike is supporting the bulk of the weight. It feels like there is a heavy weight on the front wheel of the bike making sure it stays planted to the ground. It wants to plow through things! It’s hard to the the bike to “stand up”, or “stand to attention” and the the front wheel over things. Sure, you can do it, but it just takes more effort that I’m used to giving to make something like that happen on the newer bikes I’ve been riding.

That was a bit of a theme overall. I felt like everything I wanted to do on the bike needed to be planned out a bit sooner in advance than many of the other bikes I’ve been riding recently. You have to think about things about 1/2 second to a full second sooner on this bike. Braking, gas, turning… you name it. Those things need to be a more deliberate action on this bike than it’s newer competition.

More to come!

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24 Replies to “My First Minutes on the 2003 Honda CR250R Build! – Sam’s thoughts too!”

  1. Collin Weinheimer

    I know this just wasn't the right terrain for the The cr but it's a mx bike meant to be wide open turning with the throttle not just leaning it over so don't sell the bike to short when it's just in the wrong scenarios

  2. caseysniper308

    the aluminum frame honda is a pro level rider bike, made for motocross. if it's hard to ride it might be the rider and trying to lug the powerband.

  3. thomastjg53

    Till it’s set up for woods it will feel maybe front heavy. It’s made to be on the gas and that’s what keeps the front light.

  4. Gil Garza

    Wrong terrain for the CR. Its design for MX track, NOT tight desert riding. Get that CR in the open desert and see how it feels. I have a '03 250 SX and the suspension sucks until I hit the top of 3rd gear then its great and plush. Sucks in slow tight stuff.

  5. MotoFlightGuy

    This video is pointless. When you first started on that CR build, I thought you were going to do a proper conversion. You can't just take a stock MX bike and ride it off road and use it to hype the orange Kool-aid. Let me know when you do a flywheel weight, porting work, a full suspension re-valve, and an 18 inch rear wheel. And whining about a cable clutch is just hilarious. This is a total scam

  6. Bob Walters

    First off, the video is mistitled. This video isn't about "my first minutes," it's an informal shootout between an old Japanese MXer and a current euro-enduro.

    Given that, it's such a mismatch in bikes that feelings of KTM bias are inevitable among viewers. And I'm not even talking about the age difference as I think that's the variable that you set out to test on. I'm talking about the MX vs enduro aspect, and the level of setup/tuning involved. For example, you have countless minutes of tape on modding and tweaking your KTMs. You've had access to a seemingly endless supply of KTM models — 250, 300, 2T, 4T, EFI, and several model years. And for the Honda it's "…I set the sag the same as the KTM and put (imperfect) bar risers on it and I can't understand why the front end is heavy…." Really?

    You guys can do better than this. Properly prep the Honda and then revisit. Or promptly sell it.

    EDIT: Your desert comparison of these two bikes was done on a more neutral playing field. I had also forgotten that you have $7500+ sunk in the Honda.

    BTW, the other thought that I had was that Kyle should stay off that Honda until he's fully recovered. He didn't look comfortable so why risk a setback?

  7. Charles Dekeado

    Now put both bikes on a mx track, Honda will do great, KTM will fall flat. Putting a well known mx bike on the trail vs a off-road specific bike makes very little sense.

  8. iRidez650

    I enjoy the videos but I’m not sure why we are comparing the 03 Honda to a newer KTM. Did I miss something I thought this was a build update.

  9. Tom Partee

    I made a woods weapon out of my 93 yz250. It's quite the tank with a ton of power. You should come up to northern idaho sometime. Hit the races while you're here.

  10. John Worley

    i have a 2002 yz250 stock i have no problem passaing anyone i do endruo and trails and all of the ktm's riders just ask me how i do that. so its just get ready for that bike so its the rider.
    but thats what i say so to each there own

  11. TheSmallFarmLife

    Glad to see you on the Honda! I was watching for this everyday since you have been back! I am starting the tear down of my 2001 Cr250r this weekend and I can’t wait until it is ready to ride! Thanks for another great video!

  12. Jamison Bunch

    I have a 1997 Honda cr250r and I love it. But I just got a 2007 ktm 300 xc. Can't wait to get used to it. I do more trail riding than Motocross.

  13. James G

    I really like your videos and appreciate the time you put in to make them very polished and professional. But I'm seeing a trend here. Anything that isn't KTM pretty much has no chance. If you're going to review something like a 15 year old motocrosser then it should be reviewed on it's own merits – its a solid, reliable bike that can be had for 1/3 the price of a new KTM and you can go out and have a blast on it. It's a bike for somebody that doesn't have the budget for a brand new one and should be compared to similar bikes in this category not the newest $10k wonder. just my $.02

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