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Mountain Bike Tires: Maxxis (Which is Best For You?)

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Maxxis is one of the largest if not THE largest companies in the Mountain Biking Tire Industry. Why? Because they are the best. Offering a very wide variety of tread patterns, compounds, sidewall protection and almost every size tire known to man; Maxxis has supported every discipline of Mountain biking over the years. From World Cup DH Titles to being the go-to tire for the average weekend cruiser, you will most likely see the yellow logo rolling down any trail in the world. In this video, Jeff takes us through some key differences between some of the many tires they have to offer in hopes of helping you guys know the difference between each tire. Do you know which tire in the Maxxis lineup is right for you?

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24 Replies to “Mountain Bike Tires: Maxxis (Which is Best For You?)”

  1. SRS69

    Hi you guys doing i wanna get my front and rear tire witch do you think it would be the best i habe a 2013 specialized comp. i do a lor of downhill and mud i would like to get wide tires would it affect my bike??

  2. Marty Browning

    What is your opinion on tires for my trike? I was thinking maxdaddy for back two, and something less tread for front. I have a worksman old adult tricycle, that I have custom…has a 24v brushless motor, has 3 speed that came with the bike, plus made extra gearing so I have super low and high. I use bicycle when I deer hunt, about hr back in mountain! It's all log roads, but gets muddy and snow from time to time with few good hills. Works great… Has lot of power with the 24v lithium battery deep cycle battery. But need tires and it spins I'm the snow and mud

  3. Scott

    I run 2.8's on my Ebike, 22 mile loop, average speed 14.9 mph, I'm having tons O fun compared to my non Ebike, which never gets ridden any more, embrace where the industry is going, and that is Ebike!

  4. Tony Stone

    I've got a XC X caliber 8. I put some Ardent 2.4s on it, on thinner rims. For me, it's more of an all around bike, would you suggest a different tire group?

  5. Эльдар Х

    It is interesting what maxxis tire will be good for winter for 29”er? we have small pieces of ice and pressed snow on the road?

  6. David Harp

    Crossmark 2s great all around XC tire , very durable,but I want to go faster and a bit lighter on the rotational weight for gravel /Levee riding, so I might buy the IKONS

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