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Motorcycle Fails Wins 2018 Compilation Funny Videos

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Motorcycle Fail Compilation – Funny Motorbike Stunt Riding .
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26 Replies to “Motorcycle Fails Wins 2018 Compilation Funny Videos”

  1. John Michael

    Those stupid people in the street would have had boots crash their tweety in. Pussies obstructing my travel. Now law you CAN run them over for impeding your legal right to travel unrestricted. So try me mother fkrs!

  2. baba yaga

    4:30. hell yea. i pay more in taxes than any of those useless fucks make. i would run through them too. you don't have the right to impede my progress.

  3. overdoneone

    I just love watching those morons on their cafe/crotch rockets fu*king themselves up doing stupid sh*t, acting like they're some sort of stunt man or professional racer. It's those punks that give real bikers a bad name!

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