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Motorcycle Emergency Braking

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Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer explains motorcycle safety as it applies to using your brakes. The physics of friction, weight transfer and stopping distance.

40 Replies to “Motorcycle Emergency Braking”

  1. Martin Sage

    Best is to steer your bike Around an obstacle. Hitting your front brakes hard (non ABS) will cause a skid. Always apply Rear brake with front and tap the front …not grab. I've avoided many a sudden stopped cat using these rules in 50yrs of riding.

  2. Mario Antonio

    How about explaining how to downshift in an emergency stop. I can't imagine downshifting that fast in some extreme situations when hitting the break hard because the stoppage would be too abrupt so what do you do?

  3. Theofficialvca

    Sir you are amazing, but just the background and the music don't! try to make another excellent explanation video with a nicer background and a softer music that match more the content of your video this suspense loop music drive me crazy! Your explanations rocks anyway.

  4. jeep2liberty

    Good explanation of the physics involved. (Uhhh, the suite is a little out of place for a bike video, but well done) I don't think he rides a bike because when he gestured about applying the brakes, he used his LEFT hand… (Us bikers have to be observant) Helpful video. Thanks

  5. tomcan48

    Remember the danger of using the front brakes while turning. It can be devastating and a lot of people have lost their lives while turning to avoid a crash, resulting in a skid. So in an emergency situation, stay vertical as much as possible and engage both brakes correctly and if you are not able to swerve using reverse steering techniques to negotiate around a crash. Also, remember that a similar situation can happen while down shifting. Here, the use of a slipper clutch can help.

  6. Paul van Dort

    A few remarks on the video: Firstly weigth shifting is not happening. the position of the centre of gravity (c.g.) is not changing or only a small amount (e.g. the fuel might be forced to the front of the tank). The increased pressure on the front tire is coming from the inertia that the braking is trying to counter. Inertia is pulling the c.g.forward. the c.g. is about 20, 30 inches above the road, so there is a torque or moment creating more down force on the front tire and less on the rear tire. To get the physics correct 🙂 . Secondly applying rear brake in an emergency can cause the rear wheel to block and to lose traction completely, due to diminished downforce on the rear tire. The blocking of the rear wheel is making it more difficult to stay vertical. So be very easy on the rear brake if any. Time for gearshifting might not be availalble, so let the engine stall if needed. Getting the bike to stop is your only concern.

  7. Gregory Kleiman

    Great video. When you talking about putting on the front brake you are squeezing with left hand. The brake lever is on the right side. So that body language throughout is incorrect. Just an interesting thing I noticed. Makes me think you dont actually ride. But the rest is great info.

  8. josh devine

    Get on a bike and step on the rear brake and see what happens!! The reason for bigger and dual brake disks on the front is for braking in mid corner. Bigger brake disks prevent the wheel from locking up. Not better stopping power.

    In the event of someone pulling out in front of you. You must apply front brake. Turn your attention to direct where you want to go and push the handle bar to that direction (countersteer). Attempting to use a rear brake in an emergency situation is going to lock up the rear wheel. If you don't go down or getting rear-ended by the car behind you, then you would just slide directly into the car.

    You had just explained bad advise. I urge you to study and practice methods and techniques in riding. Then make another video that's less faulty. And delete this one immediately!!

  9. mozzmann

    I have just come back to this Video to revisit and see if it had been revised ,
    Now I feel I MUST say something to the Emergency Situation which for the purpose of this Video is hypothetical BUT your eyes should be continuously scanning and also have identified avenues of escape but NOT allow yourself to be caught out by things happening around you .

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