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Motocross 2019 International Media Launch | Husqvarna Motorcycles

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For the international launch of our 2019 Motocross models the legendary Baker’s Factory in Florida was the perfect spot for us. So we brought media from all over the world to the training facility to test ride our five new MX models

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13 Replies to “Motocross 2019 International Media Launch | Husqvarna Motorcycles”

  1. RacerRed

    Looks like the bikes are as sexy as ever! That guy talked about attention to detail right before calling the company "Huskavarna" though lol. Your limitless enduro video's make me want more bikes. The FE350 is currently the one i day dream about! keep up the good work.


    Ive got a 2015 FE501, 80 hrs and just lost the engine, both oil pumps, crank, etc i changed my oil with 1L 10W50 Lucas, and had 3 rides to loose my engine, most of the oil was gone internaly, any information for this type of failure woild be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance

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