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Joe Rogan – Mountain lion kills biker, and sad dog stories

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Joe Rogan talks about mountain lions and how that one killed a biker – and sad dog stories.

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44 Replies to “Joe Rogan – Mountain lion kills biker, and sad dog stories”

  1. Chris Perciavalle

    Oh my God. Joe. Why didn't you just buy a fucking cat carrier?! Lol.
    I had a feral cat that was born in the wild. He just died of cancer last year. But anyway, I never had any issues. Idk if it's because the people whose yard he was born in kind of looked out for the kittens and tried to litter train them and made sure they were old enough before finding them homes or what. So they had human contact before me. But the kittens still mostly lived outside with their parents. When I came to pick him up he was under a tree with his family eating a squirrel or a rabbit or something his mother brought him. I had to wait til he finished his meal lol.
    He also never sprayed in the house. I didn't get him fixed until he was like 3 years old or so because I always felt bad doing that to a male cat haha. But he would be gone for like 3 days at a time sometimes and was getting in too many fights so I had to. He always preferred to go outside to the bathroom. The only time he used the litter box was when it was absolutely freezing out. Which made it nice for me haha.
    It's interesting Joe had so much trouble with his feral cat but I had no issues. Maybe because I got mine so young and Joe's was a little older or something?

  2. IBIoodGNR

    Is it just me or is this guy annoying af. Joe sharing a really emotional part of his life and the dude is asking retarded questions like "who are you crying for the most the dog or the dude"

  3. Luke Fahy

    I had a Staffordshire bull terrier for 12 years she broke my heart when I lost her I fucking loved that dog she was my best friend her name was fudge she was the best dog ever she grew with me from 16 I miss her she had pups they were great I still see the pups sometimes


    When Joe Rogan said that his Pitbull was really bummed out and got tired alot when Joe got him fixed, he said it was weird. LOL it's not weird at all you had your dogs balls cut off there's nothing strange of the outcome of course the dog will be depressed and sad. Very nice podcast though, Joe talks alot about his vet, and in other podcasts aswell, he must have really made an impact on joe.

  5. Richard Coronado

    Ok, I am on my husband's tablet. I have watched you a few times. Seeing your heart about animals touches my heart. Keep loving animals sir. They are the best of our hearts.

  6. veggiesaremurder

    There is actual science now that proves that losing a pet is as emotionally detrimental as losing a human family member. Now, anyone who has a dog or cat and actually loves them and loses them already knows this. I had my Rottweiler mix from the time I was 9 until I was 20. Essentially, we grew up together and she was my best friend in the world. I had never actually been taken DOWN, physically, like knees going out from under me, before that happened. It physically hurt. My chest, stomach, and head were all overwhelmed with stabbing pain. I am 30 now and I miss her dearly.

  7. Марат Алиахметов

    That good that i didnt have to put any of my dogs down. In small vallage i lived we didnt have vets, so whan dogs and cats got old or rly ill they went to the woods by themselfs( not like gtfo here by owners, but like i go to the woods and if i find herbs to heal myself ill come back, if i cant do that… you can gues the end of the story) But still it was sad to look at the empty dog hause.

  8. Slim Pickens

    It's so fucking sad I lost my best friend Elle who was a tea cup poodle and it's been 2 years will be 3 on may 4th 2019 and shit still fucking hurts she was the best when I was depressed and constantly thinking about suicide and just shit you don't want to think about and she would make things better I would go around with this 5 pound dog everywhere and people wouldn't believe that she was my dog cause I'm 6foot 5 300lbs and am just so masculine apparently but no that was my dog and lord help anyone who made fun of her I got into more fights from someone being a dick to her than when I was in high school

  9. Kevin Johnstone

    "So I locked myself in a bedroom with this kitten and just brought a stack of books and a mattress"
    We all KNOW those were porn mags…

  10. Kolioko Live

    The thing about humans though is obviously not our speed or strength but we are the best marathon runners and it's not even close. Anything a human hunts can outrun it at first but once it gets tired we will catch up

  11. Jacob Mackinlay

    I've had a house cat grab my arm and tore it to shreds dripping blood style it still doesn't make since how it happened but we were best friends

  12. Amirhosein :D23

    I have a 7 months old cat and its my first pet and he was sleeping on my body while i was watching the video. Imagining him dead for a second and having all those expriences they talked about……its hard man. I dont know what am i gonna do!

  13. Razorbliz

    I understand the intention of the magic walking scarf but really it is cruel to keep a dog alive when it can't live a good dog life I.e can't even walk I get wanting to keep then alive I have dogs my self but it's just too cruel even though it is really sad and hard you have to do what's right for the dog not for your feelings

  14. Bradley Nye

    And now that I get to the part about female dogs, that is another thing I totally understand but I think that it is an instinct that any female has. It is natural. Females can usually have babies. It is natures' protection-mode for the mama to protect her babies. And actually my youngest yet biggest dog is a female. I have not had her fixed nor have I bred her (because to me it would be slavery – for lack of a better term) and her nipples are large like a mama dog that has given birth. Once again, I think it is just nature. She is very protective and can be a pretty big badass when compared to the males.

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