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INTENSE! Police Chase vs ATV #Riseboyz (illegal police force)

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Thought it would be a nice little ride out… ended up being a crazy police pursuit, at certains parts there is no telling what they wanted to do. some were cutting in front of us and trying make us crash.
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Another chase video for you guys;

100k views and more footages are going be released

42 Replies to “INTENSE! Police Chase vs ATV #Riseboyz (illegal police force)”

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    People who say this isn't intense don't know the adrenaline rush that comes when cops start chasing you lol but it's all good I confuse real life with GTA all the time to lol

  2. Clark Kent

    Foolish pups. No need to speed and endanger everybody else cause u just don't have the speed !! Turning: u don't have that either on fat wheels. Maneuvering and pre planning is best end game. Always have 2 or 3 ways out pre planed. That way no one gets hurt but you and that's all the cops worry about, criminal things. Tickets/policy infractions: big deal.

  3. Mike Schoolcraft

    Dude you got mad cause he break checked you but you were tryin act cool in front of 6 cops on the opposite side road doing shit ass wheelies

  4. Adam Carpender

    I have to say those cops are pretty lenient the ones out here would literally smash right into you stop you they do not give a crap if you get hurt or killed those guys don't seem to be wanting to chase you very bad out here they will chase you and then hit you they don't care you lucky

  5. Jamie Battersby

    I love these guys don't wear a helmet it's too bad a car didn't hit them and somebody who needs kidney is or a hart or some eyes or some kind of body part could have got one who could have got rid of three dumbasses the cop should have just ran them over

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