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Inbetweeners S3Ep3 Jay Crashes Neils Motorbike

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Inbetweeners S3EP3 Jay Crashes Motorbike, crash

17 Replies to “Inbetweeners S3Ep3 Jay Crashes Neils Motorbike”

  1. steve m

    Lol, back when I was 16 a few people asked for a go on my auto scooter and they did exactly the same thing, it where they try breaking but forget to stop accelerating, noobs

  2. Furygun81

    The crash in an American sitcom would have stuntmen everywhere and explosions, this – go forward a few feet into a few steps.
    Lol it's so British

  3. Northernspotter101

    The funniest thing about this isnt the crash.It is the cocky body language which preceeds it.This is fucking awesome.

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