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I Have Issues With The “Old School” Biker Crowd

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At the same time, I have issues with newer riders not taking an initiative in creating something to benefit the community.

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36 Replies to “I Have Issues With The “Old School” Biker Crowd”

  1. Kenneth Silvers

    I'm old school, and an ecumenical hater. Fuck you and your narrow ass social justice warrior opinions… you sound like a sodomite. I've been riding for fifty years. Just do what you want and don't worry about anyone else.

  2. Lee Whaley

    Look, remember what "Mick" said, you can't be a man cause you don't smoke the same cigarettes as me. Old school shitheads don't know what they're missing with the new technology on today's bikes. I'm 70 and I ride Ducati x diavel, Yamaha fz09 and '83 Harley FLHS. I'm working on how to ride two at the same time but I haven't made much progress

  3. Signal Thirteen

    1. Run what you brung…Harley, Honda, Yamaha, whatever…makes no difference to me. 2. ATGATT, but if you're not into that, no sweat off my back, as gear is a personal choice. 3. For me, riding is a personal experience and is not effected one way or another by someone else, so I can care less what others think of me or my bike. Likewise, I don't attempt to influence anyone else's personal riding experience. I ride for me and others should ride for them. In the end, I just show respect to others on two wheels and if they choose to diss me for whatever reason, I just move on down the road…it's not going to ruin my day or cause me any second thoughts.

  4. Rick B.

    Waaaaaaaa, waaaaaaa. You're probably right, you don't fit in with that crowd so get over yourself. Stop worrying about who doesn't run up, hug you and pat your bottom when you pull into the parking lot. If you're not feeling accepted it's probably because you aren't like us and from what you said, don't want to be like us. I already have enough friends and I don't feel like changing to be like you or to understand you.

    If you don't feel welcome then don't go where we go and don't force yourself on us to try and explain" where you're coming from" because frankly nobody cares.. Hang with you're own type and don't expect those of us that have been riding and being who we are for 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years to change and be like you just to snuggle up and pet your fragile feelings. Go to the local latte emporium and talk about laptops and notebooks or text the person across the room. Basically, you be you, we'll be us and we'll all happily orbit the sun in our own worlds.Don't force our worlds to collide.

    Peace out.

  5. James Christensen

    People who hate on others for the type of bike they ride are the worst. The essence of motorcycle riding is the freedom and the feeling of riding not what you’re riding on.

  6. Yeet Meister

    I feel all older bikers with their spiked helmets and leather jackets and ugly beards have a superiority complex over younger bikers

  7. dad 323

    I’m 60. And still in one piece. When you come along and start telling me my Levi’s ain’t safe, and should get 300 dollars crap instead. That I should wear a full face helmet and I need to get padded jackets and so on and on, like you’ve done in other posts and as you started off here, I do say leave me alone. There’s a unfortunate and sad reason you young know it all continue to outpace us Levi, T’s, half or no helmet old bikers when accidents and tickets are counted out at the end of each year. I don’t want to hear you telling me what I need to get or wear. I don’t need to be told what to say or what to think. Whoever doesn’t come in wanting to instruct me in what’s best fo me is welcomed. And by the way, I love my grandkids, we have our own hang out times, but our crowds are different. Find your space, be happy there and let others do their thing.

  8. c Oldner

    Dam snowflake what you are really saying is you want to accommodate your whinny ass. Grow a pair and be you quit crying. No one is trying make you do nothing you are trying to change our deal. And we are not going to do it your way. You don't like it go do you.

  9. Jool


    – Tribalism will always be a thing. It’s human nature. You’re not going to wave to me because I’m on an ADV bike and you’re on a Harley? A bike that cant do half of what mine can do? Oh, cool story bro.

    – Pissing contests will always be a thing.

    – Most Harley riders look cringy af. They think they look “badass” but they dont. You’re not an “outlaw”…stop pretending lol. But thats my opinion.

    – All gangs are gay af. Riding with friends is cool. Raise awareness and money for great causes, I’m all for it.

    – why not wear gear? Customize your full face helmet to look cool. Walterrific does. Wear your gear for your family if not for yourself. Don’t make them have to come visit you in a nursing home – feeding you apple sauce for the rest of your life because you were too tough and cool to wear proper gear. But hey its your life.

    – No one cares what you ride but you. It’s your money. If your happiness. It’s your life.

    – i think a lot of people let it consume their whole life. It’s like , dude..riding is one aspect of my life. I’m not 1 dimensional. I’m not a poser either. Motorcycling is sweet but its not all I’m about. I like boating, hiking, fishing , camping and so on. So with all that being said i love Harleys. I cant wait to own one. Im just not a dbag about it. That goes for all bike camps.

  10. CRPM LLC

    Been to Sturgis 7 times over the past 13 years. Rode a hardtail twice. One of them was a Hand shifter with a Suicide Clutch. Never used a Helmet except when crossing Nevada. That being said. My wife wants to ride and I will GLADLY wear a helmet for her sake and mine along with good riding gear. Also will take the same beginners class with her just to refresh my skills and check on other skills that I might need brushing up with. There's no space for arrogance in biking. One bad move and you're gone. The road can be unforgiven.

  11. Ian Neff

    I've been on street bikes for over 20 years and never had an issue.i started out with a 96 1200 custom, then a 98 Road King and now on a 10 Triumph T-Bird. I have always worn a helmet and gloves. Never had I been harassed about any of it. I'm part of that "Old School" environment I have never seen the disrespect that you were given. I am sorry you had to witness this one very small part of this whole biker community.

  12. Dragan M

    You'lle consider me old school and may frown on me based on what you see but it only makes you ignorant as you don't know me or my riding style, coz you're being judgemental and I don't care…And all this from a 2 stroke sport bike junkie that graduated to a HD. Ride what you like and like what you ride but just ride man (and woman), just ride, and ride safe.

  13. Christopher M

    Dan, I don't feel there's a problem at all. "Old school" has an "old school" sense of humor.. which is usually very blunt and crass. Seemingly to the point of mean, but it's not. It's just ball busting.Perhaps your social anxiety is creating these issues within yourself. Having social anxiety, you have problems meeting new people and with that, unfortunately, there's usually a skewed perception of reality. So what happens is the anxiety within you will find problems/create problems to give you an "out". To allow you to validate, whether to yourself or others, leaving the source of anxiety.
    Remember, you're not the only one with social anxiety… perhaps people you feel "calling others out" have it as well and choose to bust balls to take the center of attention off of themselves and put it on someone else, so they feel better about being in a situation that makes them uncomfortable too.
    Just be you. Go where you want, do what you want, ride what you want and wear what you want.. and allow others to do the same.

  14. hyrum hunt

    Hey Dan love the channel and love hearing you say you want to get the younger bikers into the community service side of things more! I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with older bikers I think it just depends on the group I just started riding January 2018 my first experience was with an older rider seeing me go into work on my new 2009 Iron Sportster and he thought it was great to see a younger guy getting into riding a brought me in a genuine Harley jacket to go with it. My next experience I was going to a large charity event but didn’t know anyone found a local page saying bikers were meeting up at 5 am at a local Starbucks I showed up and to my surprise it was mostly older Harley riders everyone was on a Harley and much older then me but they welcomed me in for my first group ride even inviting me to join them to visit their families graves as we passed through and going to a local spot for some beers after. I later found out this was not the group I meant to meat up with but the group I was meeting all got there about an hour late and these guys just happened to have the same meet up location but let me join in and hang with them through the whole event! There are great Harley riders out there I can vouch for that!

  15. George Jimenez

    I ride a 2018 Fat Bob and was told my local HOG club would probably frown upon me riding with them…so I ride with a small group of friends…honestly I don’t like large crowds anyway so it works out…if people throw the peace sign on the road, and most do, then I throw it back…if not, it’s all good…

  16. ThatCampingOwl

    I think the main problem in any community is the elitism – people who just aren't accepting towards newbie riders, judging them at every possible scenario, and instead of explaining to them why they should & should not do something, they just tell them off and try to discourage.
    You're right about everything, we all have and love living on 2 wheels, as a rider I'm down to do anything on bikes together in the community, the runs, the meetups, to be a part of the family that we choose, but again – it all depends on the community itself and the people inside of it.
    Personally I don't feel intimidated in any scenario, and almost no one calls me out on anything, mainly because I'm headstrong, don't give into pressure ontop of my character that some people might find intimidating. I know this type of composure is not the way everyone rolls, but it's a matter of your comfort zone that lets you feel free in any environment, and not be pinned down by other people's opinions and don't let them talk down to you.

    Ride safe, stay vigilant.

  17. Ty Kiisel

    I don't spend much time at bike nights because I'm too busy riding. Have fun on two wheels and don't worry about "fitting in" with one crowd or another. I'm a geezer that's been riding a Road King for years, I also have a Sporty that is really fun to ride, and I campaign a Buell X1 on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I'm having a good time with my buddies (some of whom tease me about my girl's bike), but I don't give a rats rear end about what anyone else thinks. I ride what I enjoy and have a good time. Just go out and enjoy the ride. I also wear gear and a full-face helmet.

  18. h f

    I thing you should create your own club I go to any bike night and I don't feel that way im riding for 37 years all over the country Mexico Central America and everybody ride any way they like. it look like you're the one who have a problem just ride and enjoy. im the old school but I don't care what is your opinion about. now we have a lot of ladies riding and I never hear they complaining.about the old school. I thing they started riding because the old school guys just enjoy

  19. Peter Owens

    You have only been riding for what 6 years I have been riding for over forty years and live and love the old school way. Your to young to understand.

  20. Larry Lambert

    O bought my first new Kawasaki 1200 vogager in 97 and was told by a Gold Wing owner if I would get a Gold Wing I could ride in their culb? Been all over the West and East with my wife alone met lo t s of friends had a great time I'm 73 still will ride with anyone, any bike also wave at all

  21. Steven G

    It’s kinda funny how certain lifestyles breed certain thoughts. I know for fact an American big brand is not 100% American made. There is a big difference in made vs assembled in America so why all the hate just ride.

  22. Dirt Beard

    50yr old rider here. Every time I've tried to hook up with any group it always ends up to be people that ride like idiots or more bar hopping than riding. Age never seemed to be a factor. Most of the time I either ride 2up with my wife or we both ride side by side. We've been doing it for 20+ years. Never felt the urge to attend a 'bike night' because all that is just bars trying to sell drinks.

  23. Glass308

    Dude….you ride a Harley. You're a bearded firefighter. Someone saying you're not manly enough should make you chuckle. Lol stop worrying about everyone else's opinions.

  24. The Old Magpie

    I am a young 70 year old and next year, after a few years layoff, I will be getting myself a set of wheels to ride. It could be a Bergman, a Spyder F3 or a HD Sport Glide, I don't know yet but whatever it will be I will be riding in good safety gear because at my age things tend to break and bruise more easily. Whether I ride alone or with someone it matters not because we will be riding and that is the main thing. I talk to anyone about bikes and related stuff because how does one learn if not the swapping of information? You could be a 20 yo newbie or a seasoned road veteran it's all the same to me.

    Ride safe people and be nice to each other.

  25. Rick Kinnally

    I've never found more welcoming people than the biker community. Don't enter in with preconceived notions. It's usually the new riders that feel the need to be badass until they learn who bikers are

  26. michael klinge

    love your channel but I'll ride alone its safer I only have 1 moron to worry about I can mail toys for tots a check its safer

  27. Aptos Blue

    I see so many people say millennials are killing Harley-Davidson but what exactly has HD done to market themselves to them? In my entire life I don't think I've seen an HD ad outside of a magazine. The times have changed and you can't rely on word of mouth and motorcycle magazines to sell your bikes anymore. Outside of that they only make cruisers and I've heard the justification of this; they think that if they start selling sport/adventure bikes it will tarnish the brand in the eyes of their base. Luckily, I've heard they are going to produce a naked bike as soon as 2020. But if I know anything about HD it will be underpowered and much more expensive than their Japanese competitors. If HD is serious about staying alive they better get really fucking serious about making this new naked bike the best it can be.

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