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How flow trails are built | Build & Ride in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This video was sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. I decided to link up with the trail crew working on the newest mountain bike trail system there, the Northwoods. The folks at IMBA Trail Solutions were kind enough to let me be a fly on the wall as they
laid the final sections of trail before opening.

The Northwoods Trail Mountain Bike Trail System will be open later in November

Consider attending the grand opening, when the dirt will be at its freshest!

Again, thank you Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism for our amazing partnership! Learn more about planning a mountain biking trip to Southwest Arkansas and visit @arkansas on Instagram

The lake pictured on the end screen was the view from the scenic Mountain Harbor Resort where I stayed for three nights

Thanks again to IMBA Trail Solutions

The two riders from the project are
Tyler @mcgilltrailfabrications
Avi @avi_tamir

46 Replies to “How flow trails are built | Build & Ride in Hot Springs, Arkansas”

  1. KillerZ PlayZ

    I live an hour away from this and I would love to visit hot springs and I think it would be a good experience for me because I usually have never been to trails because there are no trails near where I live. I’m glad hot springs made this happen.

  2. Twitchy Nick

    Always appreciate seeing the blood and sweat that goes into making our rides possible. Thanks to all of those that have ever or will ever participate in trail building and maintenance.

  3. Dakota stewart

    I live in beebe arkansas but go to hot springs all the time. I love to do some mountain biking. Would be really really cool to ride with y’all someday.

  4. FatBoy Cheto

    I am super stoked for the upcoming grand opening this coming weekend. I am taking the whole family out there for the weekend. My boy and I will be riding, while the ladies go out and enjoy the local amenities.

  5. Alejandro Minuzzi

    Hi there, I Was be part of this project. if you agree I want to do subtitles in Spanish. and you can add to the video.

  6. gob

    Seth, you mentioned Kansas City. We actually have over 100 miles within the metro, and always improving. You should check it out sometime.

  7. Game Play

    Hi seth i bought thr Trek marlin 7 a budget mtb but idk what you all can do with this bike maybe if u see this can you review this bike or a trek x-caliber 7 or something

  8. Raine Young

    Hey, I'm kinda new here but love the bike tutorials that are available on your channel. I am here specifically on this video to see if you can answer my question of what a good beginner trail would be. Thanks for your time.

  9. Vaphyr

    im curious about riding a 26" Dirt Jumper 100mm on trails can you maybe give a test is it a better experience than riding with a bmx.

  10. ItsOnlyJake

    hey seth! my name is Jake and i’m 13 years old. i’ve been riding for 4 years now and i’m wanting to upgrade to a full suspension. i have a mid tier hardtail and i’m riding it too hard. my budget is $1000 do you have a recommendations for me? Thanks!

  11. Aayush Pandey

    HELLO.. My name is Aayush ,I am from Nepal. I am very much addicted to biking but due to my economic condition i cant buy a bike.. I am also one of the biggest fan.. Hope you will buy me a bike. Please help me. I will never forget you. Please help me…

  12. TastyBubkiss

    I'm so excited for these trails to officially open. If you're curious, they're opening the weekend of Spa Running Fest on November 17th, I believe. I'm so lucky to have gotten into biking in the last couple of years because Arkansas is finally leading the way for something that is healthy and trendsetting for once. I've lived here my whole life and have never been so excited about my surroundings as I am now. There's so much to experience here and Hot Springs is a place that really needs it.

    Maybe we can get an update on The Womble trail, next? Or maybe all the new development up in NWA? Thanks for giving our little towns some much needed exposure Seth. It means a lot. <3

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