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How Can You Improve Your Bunny Hops? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

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How can you get better at bunny hops on your mountain bike? Should you convert your MTB to a 1X groupset? Can you ride a BMX on mountain bike trails? Why aren’t your pedals gripping? Martyn answers all of your mountain biking questions, and has some great advice for perfecting bunny hops.

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37 Replies to “How Can You Improve Your Bunny Hops? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking”

  1. Gaz Thorner

    RE: The bunny hop guy, he looks like his feet are quite far back on the pedals which would explain why he's losing grip on the pedals. He's got decent pedals and shoes on, but his foot position looks quite far back.

  2. jake m111

    #askgmbn hey guys, recently bought a 2017 norco sight a7.3, was wondering your thoughts on the bike and wether it would be suited for beginner enduro racing or not. Cheers

  3. Kenny _88

    Best bunny hop advice i've ever heard! Feel your grips and pedals.. don't rely on your shoes.. curl your wrists and toes to enhance the bikes attachment to you.. it's not a motorcycle.. You need to feed the bike through the air.. and this is where your speed is crucial 😉

  4. Thomas Nielsen

    look at Ryans feet, during the bunny hop, his left foot is flat, not pointing, down and backwards…. Maybe that's the problem. Love the show. Thomas from Denmark

  5. Daniel

    I wouldn't want it all the time, but I quite like the idea of just having one presenter for Ask GMBN. Just a different dynamic. One person, and it's like they're just talking to you. Two or more, and its kind of like you're in a room while a group of mates discuss bikes. I like both, but mixing it up every now and then is also good.

  6. Aaiden Coote

    Pretty sure old mate loosing his footing is just having the seat smack him in the arse and bounce the bike out from underneath himself.

  7. superspecky4eyes

    I found my Vans had better grip on my pedals than my Five10s. The only thing is my Vans get ripped to bits by my pedal pins and they have no toe protection.

  8. Devon van Laren

    Hey Martin. You are super inspirational, thank you. I personally would love seeing more of you on your bike or your specialised three wheeler with pedals some more. I love seeing the smile you get when back on a bike. Your attitude is admirable!
    Thank you all very much! Devon, Johannesburg;-)

  9. HFODT

    Could you guys do a video on cheap knock off carbon parts (aliexpress/ebay) vs the real stuff? Would be great to have actual science done, thickness, tensile strength, layup variations etc! Keep up the awesome work!

  10. HFODT

    Enduro full face helmets are great for looking like you have a full face helmet on… i've seen too many collapse at the joint between the chin bar and the rest of the helmet and cut up people's faces pretty bad. But at least your head's not marinading in sweat…

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