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Hectic Road Bike Crashes 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents & Fails [EP.#09]

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00:13 Two Wheel Trio – Yamaha R3 Crash – Target Fixation –
02:36 Anonymous Moto – Motorcycle Crash Going Airborne 50+ MPH –
04:45 Scotty Dont – Yamaha R6 Motorcycle Crash –
07:39 Oh Damn Its Dustin – Motorcycle Head On Collision – R6 VS SUV –

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Hectic Road Bike Crashes 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents & Fails [EP.#09]

Intro Song: Spartacus –

Outro Song: [Breaks] – Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness (Noisestorm Remix) [Monstercat] –

Moto Madness Crash Videos 2016
Hectic Road Bike Crashes 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents & Fails [EP.#09] –

22 Replies to “Hectic Road Bike Crashes 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents & Fails [EP.#09]”

  1. CaroFreaky

    i really like how this women is really doing something. like telling him not to move and trying to stabilize his neck and head. and asking him if he knows who he is… like if i ever crash i hope someone like that woman is there

  2. Omie Boriboun

    Where are all the Hayabusa and zx14 crashes ? It's everything else but these hyper bikes. Just goes to show who the newbies are and who the mature riders are. Funny how Zx14 hayabusa are the biggest, fastest and heaviest bike but yet the riders all seem to avoid these videos. Food for thought. Yes I own a zx14.

  3. jpete flake

    Here's hopping the dustin dick learns not to speed. If this was in America; that intersection speed limit would be about 45mph. At 7:40 he's at 66mph and slowing from the 70's. This was highly preventable by obeying the traffic laws. Hope he learned something.

  4. Bavarian Tom

    7:38 how good that the sneaker flew away from his right foot is not to imagine what would have happened if he had worn motorcycle boots, the protection of sneakers is not to be underestimated, I think I drive only in sneakers and jeans, is certainly beautiful that getting meat abraded to the bone, I can not understand this unreasonableness

  5. Eric Nootebos

    It;s interesting to see that most of the time the bikers in these video's do not really anticipate well enough and drive way to fast in some situations..So, if some car make's a stupid move, you're alway's to late..

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