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Greatest Ever Motorcycles: # 6 – Britten V1000

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Year: 1993
Power: no info
Engine capacity: 999 ccm
Weight: 138 kg
Top speed: 303 km/h
Rank: 6th Greatest Ever Motorbike

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46 Replies to “Greatest Ever Motorcycles: # 6 – Britten V1000”

  1. Gary Marshall

    Don't even know the rest of this list… Y2K, H2R, any liter bike from the last decade… all awesome bikes… All pale in comparison to the Britton! Anyone who knows anything about a motorcycles, all know that this is the apex predator of bikes of the time!

  2. John Gregory

    A homemade v-twin, radiator under the seat, ducted from the front of the fairing. Hossack front suspension. Britten adapted an engine management system so he could use fuel injection instead of having to mess with carbs. Ahead of its time? Heck, no major manufacturer is even trying to keep up at all!

  3. Gentleman Hooligan

    died with him my ass. I will make a v4 diesel oversquare supercharged motorcycle, stressed member engine, desmodromic, hub steered, lightest, strongest materials i can muster be it carbon fiber, titanium, unubtanium, or pure energy in any of its many forms besides evil. And, and. I will run it at the isle of mann someday. 

    all i need is time now.

  4. turboslag

    I think John may have been inspired by Vincent, listen at 1:40, this is the same as a Vincent post war twin!  I'm not detracting from John's genius as he was a remarkable man who achieved incredible things but I think he did find inspiration from other bikes.  Another designer of this genre was Andre De Cortanze who came up with some incredible stuff that deserved to find more success than it did.  Look up his Elf racing bike, again, lots of Vincent inspiration there too.

  5. TheHypnotstCollector

    there are documentaries on YT about the  Britten. And he did most of the design, his friends helped.  This bike should be #1  not the Honda Cub.

  6. tasman763

    The bike is Johns , no doubt , and always will be . But many assisted , John was smart enough to call in experts where they were needed . This bike could be built again. The technology is not dead. It might even be improved slightly in certain areas .
    Come on Kirsten , let Johns dream live . We owe him that at least !

  7. 86Georgiy

    i think that Honda Afrika twin is one of the best bike ever. It is best tour-enduro of all times. Why? because it's undestructible.

  8. Didi140276

    This is absolutly the top of all ! Genius !!! Das unglaublichste Motorrad und Projekt aller Zeiten, konstruiert vom sympathischsten Konstrukteur aller Zeiten. Ruhe in Frieden JB.

  9. hellotinytron

    Respect for John Britten and all he did for moto racing. Just curious, how is John's story all that dissimilar to Honda's story of the Cub? It's the mid 50's, Japan's role in WWII is still in recent memory and a Japanese company ships a bike to an US audience who still remembers Pearl Harbor. The Britten is a brilliant bike, no doubt! Take the #1 spot, no biggie. I see 2 stories that have threads more alike than different, just at different points in history. Riders respect riders, period.

  10. silverblackss

    @hinesdeal82291 I bet there were some serious changes in motorcycle factories structure, management and technical vision after this bike.

  11. petnzme01

    So when are they gonna make a movie about this man? They did for burt and he was as eccentric as they come. This man was no different.

  12. JACKtheRIPP3R189

    It's a seriously ugly bike, but it's so unique and badass that it makes up for it. It's also seriously cool that one guy just sort of cooked it up on his own and went toe to toe with the rest of the industry.

  13. yamahonkawazuki

    @tasman763 ill agree it is dangerous, but many of its faults are due to rider error. now collisions with buildings cars or bad terrain , thats another chapter

  14. tasman763

    @Takunrsx I am sticking with my opinion. Hard luck sonny ! The Cub is THE most DANGEROUS bike Honda ever built . They have been made ILLEGAL where I live . Understand this…..I am NOT alone in my OPINION .
    The CB750 is ( still ) a classic, and a great bike . The only people who called it boring could not ride it.
    I do NOT believe that " able to run on cooking oil " absolves the Cub from ANY of its shortcomings ( many ).

  15. Takunrsx

    @Takunrsx and one more thing, with your "highly experienced opinion" statement, you sound like those douches that said that the CB750 its a boring bike

  16. Takunrsx

    @tasman763 your "highly experienced opinion" means shit, not everyone its the same so not everyone rides the same, it doesnt matter if the cub users are dangerous/retarded or whatever, the cub its a really good machine, its engine runs with cooking oil for god sakes, it takes a ton of punishment and its still running, its affordable for the normal user, extremely easy to ride/live with

  17. tasman763

    @Lazerecho his partners and wife will not agree to use his designs . They hold they key , and Kirsten ( her name ) does not want to produce it. Out of respect, we go along with her.

  18. tasman763

    @Takunrsx I disagree entirely with your reasoning . I have owned 12 machines , from a Honda 70 Dax , to a GSX1100 . The Cub was definitely THE most dangerous machine I ever owned. It was a plastic heap of crap.
    Cub riders are dangerous because they feel like they are still on a pushbike. The Cub itself does NOT qualify in my HIGHLY EXPERIANCED OPINION ,as a motorcycle !

  19. Takunrsx

    @tasman763 obviously you dont understand the requirements to be consider a great bike, the reason the cub its the greatest its because it is reliable,its afordable for most of the people,its easy to ride,it has been around for years and its still running

    sure the big bikes are awesome i wont deny it but not everyone can afford/has one

  20. tasman763

    I can almost understand why the 916 is rated higher……….and even the CB750…….but the CUB ??????? I must be on the wrong planet……
    yeah………and all from my home town of Christchurch . Kiwis can definitely FLY !

  21. Vik Parker

    @ryler7930 i agree whole heartedly bro, wheres peter jackson at, he needs to make this movie and
    have karl urban staring as lead role for john britten. that would be awesome:)

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