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GoPro Hero 7 vs Gimbal on ROUGH MTB Terrain

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I’ve seen a whole lot of videos of the GoPro Hero 7 being used on pretty flowy trails. Its amazing in-body stabilization handles that stuff very well but I wanted to see what it looked like on actually rough mountain bike trails. How does it look? Is it a “gimbal killah?” Let me know in the comments.

Hero 7 was mounted to GoPro Performance chest mount.
Hero 5 was mounted to a Feiyutech WG2 gimbal.

14 Replies to “GoPro Hero 7 vs Gimbal on ROUGH MTB Terrain”

  1. JT Barnes

    Wicked Good Comparison Dude! I think the Hero 7 looked great and it offered more of the bike in the shot than the gimble! Go Hero 7!

  2. Manny Fonseca

    I think where the hero 7 struggles is on quick turns, especially consecutively.. the horizon line change is much too drastic, making you feel like you're on a boat. You were going pretty straight in this video, so that wasn't a problem. Looked good. Thanks for the comparison, dyude.

  3. AJ Hinners

    I like how the Hero7 footage feels less "floaty" than the footage from the Hero5 on the gimbal. The way the bahz and stee-ah toob pogo in front of the Hero5 in the last "stairs" section seems weird to me. With the Hero7, it seems a bit smoother. It might be the POV afforded by not having the camera hanging off your body by as much due to the lack of gimbal.

    I kinda wonder what the Hero5 off the gimbal would look like on the same trails. But I think it would just be a blurry, jumpy, horrible mess of footage.

  4. Projectnortheast

    But, with all the below being said… Im pretty impressed and I can see it coming in extremely handy for doing those backcountry hike-a-bike adventures in North Conway etc.. carry one camera and done for the all day adventures.

  5. Projectnortheast

    Ive compared alot of footage. One thing I did notice is your gimbal set up without being insulting is a little goofy and sticks out pretty far. I shoot all my POV with a hero 4 black, evo ss gimbal mounted upside down, and a stuntman harness and it has zero bobbing like alot of gimbal footage I see including some of yours. Also a hero 4 and evo ss can be had for around 350 complete… still cheaper than 1 hero 7.

  6. mike golay

    what i notice is that ya bahz action with the gimbal is [probably] more accurately captured, because the camera is staying more stationary, but with the hero7 that same bahz action is smoothed out a bit and to my eyes it's just… easier to watch. so i'm not sure if its actually more stable with the hero7 (i don't think it is), but the software in the new camera just makes it easier to follow. also, i have a gimbal for sale.

  7. Frank Stec

    That was actually pretty impressive. The other location I have seen (off chinbar of fullface) using the human gimbal of your neck to steady it. But this makes that seem unnecessary unless you are definitely heading to the park with that helmet already.

  8. Tim Calvin

    I'm pretty impressed, honestly. I ride the same sort of trails as you're doing here, and I thought the Gimbal would clearly be better- but to my eyes, it isn't. If you hadn't indicated which segments were shot with which I'm not sure I'd be able to guess (beyond the colors on the Hero7 looking somewhat better, I think).
    I'd been thinking about a gimbal (but loathed the idea of the complexity and more charging and bulk and whatever), but now I'm thinking a Hero7 would likely be sufficient.
    Thanks for putting in the work on this!

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