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Glendale Supercross Press Day with Tyler Enticknap

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7 Replies to “Glendale Supercross Press Day with Tyler Enticknap”

  1. ghpjerry

    Good luck tonight! Breathe breathe breathe! You & Clint are an awesome team, love you both. Lie the new look, for the bike and the haircut. You clean up well son. haha. Go kick some ass tonight!!

  2. stephen davis

    Pumped to be sharing this i like the whole experience not just the race !I have been watching since you began and now the ride and rider are where they should be ,i feel a main event comming on ! Can i ask some questions ,(answer if you can ) I see this track Glendale has a long start straight ( better for you ? ) also the rythmn sections are long ,how long does it take you to dial those in ? (cos in first practice it looked like you had them ) and also is this a part of the track you think you do well in ? Do you prefer this type of track ? Do well stay safe ride smart make the main (NO PRESSURE) ….

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