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DJ Bikes Electric Mountain Bike Video Review – $1.4k Economical Trail Ebike

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The DJ Bikes DJ Mountain Bike is an affordable electric bike that performs adequately through the city or on light off-road trails with an integrated front headlight that allow for riding in low light and front suspension to help absorb some of the bumps. 500 watt hub motor allows for a top factory speed of 20 mph, which can be reached with the cadence sensing pedal assist or the variable speed throttle, the top speed can also be adjusted in the control center settings. Black frame with black suspension, spokes and battery and splashes of red accents makes for a pretty clean looking electric bike, some internally routed cables also adds to the streamline. Only one frame size and color limits who can effectively ride this bike, and because this is a value buy, many of the components are entry level and generic, plastic fenders rattle a bit while riding and the control center can’t be adjusted for glare without tools.

14 Replies to “DJ Bikes Electric Mountain Bike Video Review – $1.4k Economical Trail Ebike”

  1. Funkywallot

    I have a very similar bike with almost the same hardware , same battery placement, same Wh . Most annyoing flaw : The battery indicator is pretty much useless, it shows full charge right until the voltage starting to drop and all of the sudden the Controller shut the battery down, within minutes. The trip meter is to some use, but only if you not shut off the battery with the key otherwise it will reset. If you are on a trip round town and you have to lock your bike and bring the key to the battery you will have to rely on your memory adding previous miles to the total of miles. You could always use the odometer by resetting it every time you take a ride, since its not reset when the key is removed, but that would defeat the purpose of the OM not knowing your total miles if you decide to run statistics for training purposes.
    And yes – A did the walk of shame pushing the bike home …Twice because of that.

  2. Francis Hehle

    Impossible to get replacement spokes from seller at dj-bikes. Said cannot get those and stopped replying. This is extremely frustrating as those spokes are not standard and are super hard to find (went to all local bike shops, including the ones specialized in e-bikes !). I recommend you purchase this bike from the original manufacturer (Urban Ryder (Costco)). It is 100% identical but comes with full tech support. Don't do the same mistake we did.. we sincerely regret it.

  3. zunkfunkt

    I got this bike today based on your review. You were right, it was an easy assemble. I'm going to ride it tomorrow. Also the rear brake was on the right side for me.

  4. JP Stone

    Gads… when I heard the bike bell "ding" I thought you were that other fruitcake.
    Glad I was mistaken. You have better reviews!

  5. tromboner98

    Can you please make a top 10 list for bikes in then 1.5 k range? I’ve watched a lot of your reviews but I don’t feel like I know what’s the best.

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