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Dirt bikes are more fun with your friends!

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Bringing you back to the Mcneil Farm! Anyone who rides dirt bikes whether it is motocross, FMX, or trail riding, they will all agree it is more fun with friends. Here is a day at the farm with an FMX session featuring Bryce Hudson, David Rinaldo, and Cal Vallone. Enjoy the video and drop me some feedback in the comments!

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Filmed and edited by P.H.D. Photography

Music by

Gallow Show this world

Gallo- The Bridge

Check out his other songs!

4 Replies to “Dirt bikes are more fun with your friends!”

  1. JTM 25w

    I fell like it would look so sick if on the really upside down whips you just kept going instead of bringing it back, it would be a proper barrel roll not just one of those slightly sideways backflips everyone does

  2. Leon Višić

    Keep it up! You have just 2k subscribe and so little views?!
    You need have 100k subscribe and more views! Greeting from Croatia buddy you have my support…you want to see after my story of my dreams motocross, I upload video for 3 hours! 🙂

  3. Peicy Creno


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