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Delboy’s Garage, ‘How-To’ Re-align motorcycle forks the easy way.

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Bump up a curb, hit a pot hole, not hard to knock out the fork alignment, here’s a really simple way to set it all back straight again in a few minutes.

24 Replies to “Delboy’s Garage, ‘How-To’ Re-align motorcycle forks the easy way.”

  1. DAN D

    I chuck a £1 coin or two behind the nut to keep it proud. (I also have a few double length nuts for connecting threaded bars to make life even easier.

    Great video.

  2. Red Amor

    Im currently doing a complete alignment on my 97 ultra classic
    It is a fair amount of work started arft and worked on through the box and the motor stringlined the lot and sprit leveled wherever I could and plumb bobbed the thing up the warrzoo
    Hopefully I will be finished the front end tomorrow
    Thankyou for some sound advice Del
    Good onya
    Hooray yeah

  3. Ron Burdick Jr

    Great vid, Dell. Can i do it with a jack stand that goes under the frame? Thinking maybe a couple of small pieces of wood under each tire? Or just go without the wood and the stand you have? In essence, the bike is just to be kept straight with out leaning it when i tighten it up? Without dumping it, lol…

  4. Richard Howe

    Hey Delboy, just want to say a big thank you, this video saved me so much money and hassle, I have a moped and honestly thought my frame was bent following a small crash (not my fault), I googled and this video came up. I tried what you said in the video and hell, the difference, my bike is back to perfect ride again. Thank you so so much. You are a lifesaver.

    United kingdom.

  5. Tyson Cott

    I have a new zx-14R on oddly enough the bars are slightly tweeked to the right, its a new bike with no drops, bumps etc etc. i want to do this proceedure to the bike but those 4 pinch boots on the lower triple are buried in there, it can be done but i wont be able to use a tq wrench when buttoning it back up, whats your feelings about that?

  6. hgodtx

    My fork tubes are different heights. I have a Honda VTX1800 2003. I removed the wheel to change the tire. Since it was my first time learning it took me many weeks to watch videos and acquire all the minimal hand tools to get the job done. Since the wheel was off the bike I decided to do a complete caliper cleaning thanks to all your wonderful videos. Two months later I'm finally ready to mount the wheel. Before sliding the wheel in place I test fitted the axle, sliding it thru the left fork first and when it bumped the right fork it was about 20mm higher than the hole. So the right fork was too low. Trying to add hand pressure to mate the two only allows about a 5mm gain. I figure I'm going to have to use a jack stand or similar to force the right fork up to align the axle hole. I'm scared to muscle it into place knowing uneven pressure is being exerted on my suspension. So tell me what is going on here?!?

    Forgot to mention that when I initially removed the axle it was extremely difficult having to try and pull it out and at the same time twist it left/right. Since this is my first time experience to remove a wheel I did not know what normal was, so I assumed tolerances were tight and causing me the extra work. Now I know that it was the fork tube height differential that was causing this to happen. I tried to find videos addressing this issue, but all I can find is rebuilding the forks and lag or rider adjustment.

  7. Charles Farrah

    I was looking at this video for my 2003 R1. I want to redo my alignment. But in this video at the tightening sequence you state to tighten the lower tree pinch bolts and then go downward from there. But shouldn’t the center bolt on the top in middle of triple tree be loosened as well. I didn’t see you do this in this video? You state at beginning that your trees were crooked, wouldn’t that center bolt on top need to be loosened as well and be the very fist thing to be tightened (snugged up) after CPR? Or am I wrong? Thanks for video as well

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