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Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 400] – ROAD RAGE

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New – 400th episode of Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 – ROAD RAGE

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30 Replies to “Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 400] – ROAD RAGE”

  1. TADionysus

    on the faulty pump issue if the bike only holds a certain amount and there is more then that amount charged that means the overage went all over the ground so he should just pay for the max his tank can hold and the rest would be written off plain and simple

  2. Dave

    That fuel spill should have been reported to police (attempting to obtain advantage by deception, theft act) and to Trading Standards. You are in no way obliged to pay for goods wasted by a fuel station due to the fuel station's defective equipment.

  3. Lawd Elpus

    re the pump failure at the petrol station the fire brigade should have been called as there was far more than 5 liters spilled the rest had drained into the gullly the staff member was talking out of her ass

  4. Brian Glass

    Im so sick of motorcyclists bitching about people on bicycles!! The ONLY difference between a motorcycle or scooter and a bicycle is a motor! All you motorcyclists need to STFU about people on bicycles!!! They run the EXACT same risks you do when theyre out riding their bicycles on the road!!!

  5. Jt Munn

    I would have sued the shit out of that gas station it was their equipment that was faulty they shouldn't have made you pay a penny not one single red cent that gasoline got on your phone because they're pump was broken I think I would be suing them for the price of that phone and the gas

  6. Al Bundy

    Hey Turtle, get off you fking bike and take your gloves off and you could have handled that gas pump alot better than you did fumbling around like you did not knowing what the you're doing.

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