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Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. #198]

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41 Replies to “Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. #198]”

  1. Mark S

    4:27 biker is on the foot-path, or at best is a pedal-cycle lane. No wonder the car cuts him up, the driver is expecting traffic in that lane to be going 8Mph not 40.

  2. Geagu Marius

    stupid people.. i cant suffer when people wrecked bikers out of the bikes and say "sorry, are u k" after that.. better stfu

  3. oolong2

    2:02 Looking at mirrors and the driver being on a phone had nothing to do with that situation… Clearly she saw that the car in front of you as well as the car in front of it were stopped/slowed and trying to make left turns. There was also another car on her left that was stopped also trying to go across that intersection blocking her view of the road. Obviously she assumed all vehicles were stuck in that intersection and wasn't able to see or expect a bike serving around all the stopped cars without slowing down. Bikers really need to not ride as if everyone on the road can see what they are doing and understand the risks of lane splitting and swerving around cars. Just because you can do it don't expect everyone to be looking out for that sort of thing. 99.999% of the time cars are never in that situation and primarily looking at traffic cues from other cars. Getting pissed at this one lady and acting like a lunatic doesn't change that fact it only makes bikers look bad.

  4. Scorpion Tube

    Haha that guy riding on the sidewalk gets mad at the car for not looking but he’s on the sidewalk where he isn’t suppose to be .. fucking idiots man

  5. David Graham

    7:15 thats the first accident ive seen in the US that doesn't involve heavy swearing, anger or an injury. Calm and relaxed, thats how you deal with it and make progress. Big ups to that guy

  6. Ben duz

    6:47 the guy has a stop that he ignores and thinks the right is his. i've got a motorbike too and i would apologize for this, most of these guys are the crazy ones. I guess they've got to create some content.


    BMW driver, "I didn't see you"… no of course he didn't because he is a BMW ( / Audi take your pick) driver and they are the biggest pricks on the road.

  8. James Page

    Your fault. On your last shoulder check you can see he is already half way into the other lane and then you ride along on the line and between the the lanes. If I was in that car would have done the same thing or pushed you off if you rode into my car

  9. Mary Hinge

    5:20 Does not slow down when approaching the roundabout and then has to slam on his brakes because somebody was already half way round the roundabout..

    Needs to learn to slow down and anticipate hazards, not post videos showing what a twat he is.

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