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Crash Guard | Motorcycle Helmet, Gear (Rack) & Vlog, Editing Desk in 5000 Rs

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Todays vlog is all about designing a decent and practical crash guard for the FZ which will have a separate video however just provided few tips to design. But most Exciting for me is my Editing and Vlogging zone. Cant wait to complete this project and head for my upcoming travel plan.

15 Replies to “Crash Guard | Motorcycle Helmet, Gear (Rack) & Vlog, Editing Desk in 5000 Rs”

  1. Biker

    Sir kitne helmet hai apke yaar I mean itna paisa kaha se kamate ho I don’t think ki vloging mai itni earning hai and yeah I didn’t mean in a bad manner I just wanted to know about your earnings

  2. The Lazy Wanderer Mys

    I honestly prefer you vlogging in english but i must admit I am getting used to this style now.
    A few suggestion, may be you can implement if you like it.
    1. Use one more mood lamp on the other side, your face will be evenly lit
    2. Use some sort of rubber, carpet at touch point on your rack sply where the electric stuff is to avoid shock or earthing shock. Sply in the foot area may be you can use a carpet, your feet will be comfy too. Not sure how it will affect the aesthetics.
    3. I think the tank should go on the wall and not the rack.
    4. use something on the base of each shelf to avoid it from getting scratched.

    Of course these are only suggestions, not sure if you will like it or if it will go with the theme you have in mind.

  3. jitesh keswani

    Raj bro i hope you know its really risky
    Main spike guard wale part tak pahocha and dekha what are you planning bro just want to let you know please please be safe these racks are of metal and god forbids if any thing went wrong near electric board area you'll be getting electric shock buddy please my request is to remove these racks and go for wooden rack
    Its for your good.

  4. Rishabh Shivram

    It would be better & safe , if you mount the rack to wall , so that the rack won't fall over you … Use wall mount bolts

  5. Rohan Waghmare

    Bro plz speak in English only I know hindi also but… it doesn't suits u… speaking in english is best suited for as I'm ur old subscriber from 2016.. plz speak in English only.. it would be my suggestion..
    And very much cool vlogging arena…

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