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CoD BLACKOUT | Siimssyy and Speros VS. Quads

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48 Replies to “CoD BLACKOUT | Siimssyy and Speros VS. Quads”

  1. The Relapse

    Can we play a couple games off stream? Im really good and i watch you all the time, i got like a 4 kd but im a young god, please lets play!!

  2. dacutester2

    Do a different song, stop doing the same music and mediocre editing, you won’t go far with this. Think of all the big YouTubers and the editing they put it, you put almost 0 effort

  3. Aimbot

    Damn, I should have picked up that Saug weapon variant. It’s so sexy .. but I don’t like the gun in MP as I play hardcore. When the bundle was out, there wasn’t the update that you can equip them in Blackout, too.. I hope they bring it back again.

  4. PoisonReaper

    Hey Speros, I don’t mind it but I’m just curious as to why you’re family friendly when you stream a rated M game instead of something like Fortnite. I don’t mind it, I’m just curious

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