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Budget Motorcycle GPS

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I bought a value-priced adventure motorcycle for a reason…I didn’t have $25K to spend on the latest BMW GS1200 Adventure!

So when it came time to purchase a dedicated GPS unit for my bike, I wasn’t about to spend $500-$1000 on one of the specialized Garmin Zumo GPS units designed specifically for motorcycles!

So here’s how I made my own dedicated Budget Motorcycle GPS for $50 by modifying a Garmin Nuvi 1490!!!

Here are some links to the items I purchased:
– Cradle and Bike Mount:
– Garmin 1490:
– USB Cable (power for GPS):
– Waterproof Power Port (Connected to the options plug and mounted under my seat. Both the mini-usb for gps power, and a micro-usb for Galaxy S7 power, are plugged into this unit.):

I also followed the instructions on this post to seal my Garmin 1490 from the elements using silicone:

Hope this helps someone else looking for a budget-oriented motorcycle navigation device.

22 Replies to “Budget Motorcycle GPS”

  1. Cristobal Montesi

    thks for your video I want the same, can you tell me how you mount a charging sistem, because garming GPS dosent have well batery without been charged.

  2. South Asian Beard Journey

    Good short video! I have been reading about the Nuvi options for mine at as well that also had the 1490 listed. Any other models that you would know that has multiple stop supports?

  3. Robert Fancher

    What brand Bluetooth headset do you have and did you have any problems with the GPS connecting to your Bluetooth headset?

  4. Edward

    Good video man. I also don't want to shell out $1000 for latest motorcycle specific GPS. Would rather just take a GPS meant for the car and use it, it's so much cheaper. My only issues are riding in the bright sunlight. How do GPS devices meant for cars score in the bright sunlight, can you still see the screen ? Thanks

  5. gtberg

    Looks great, but I'm just seeing that your winshield mounds on different holes than the stock Honda Winshield, (which mounts on the same holes as the cross bracket you fashioned). I made the bracket, and it has too much rotation because of the Honda mounts which are all very soft rubber, and there is too much play there to hold the GPS without it vibrating too much. I'm going to have to explore the rubber washers and nylock bolts to hold it. The stock rubber bolts are too soft.

  6. Nooby Vapor

    Hea, thanks for the info. I actually had an older model garmin sitting around that I no longer use and this gave me the idea to try it out. Picked up the RAM mount and it's been working great! Total investment so far is $20 (for the RAM mount), ha! The map is a little outdated but it works fine for they type of riding I do. Thanks again!

  7. SPiN Cargo

    Hey, first off, thanks for uploading this vid – this is Awesome!! I just went onto eBay and found a great deal on a 1490. My question is, is there a good topo map that you would recommend? I want to do some off-road and backroad riding and want to use this GPS for mostly that type of riding. However, the street oriented maps that it currently has (U.S. & Canada) don't seem to be the best for that – no contours at all. Do you have any suggestions? I also want to plan trips and upload them onto this gps, would basecamp (which I already have) be the best choice for that, or is there something you'd recommend…? (I use a Mac) Thanks again for the suggestions and great vid(s)!!

  8. V Star 1300 Adventures

    I found me an auction tonight for that model and wanted to say thank you very much. for the 595 LM motorcycle specific they want $1,000 or so depending on where you buy it. Not paying more for a GPS than I did my first bike.

  9. Nube Toob

    I was thinking there has to be a way other than shelling out 500 fucking dollars. It's goddamn robbery. I'm going to consider this.. my only worry is will I be able to get maps without hassle.

  10. The Noonies

    Couldnt I just use the handlebar as my mounting area? Did you have to create the second bar just because you had no room with phone?

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