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BMW Motorrad Riding Assistant at CES

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See the prototype Automatic Riding Assistant system in action on the R 1200 GS directly from the CES in Las Vegas!

This system is all about improved riding dynamics, quicker reactions, and supporting riders through tricky situations.

18 Replies to “BMW Motorrad Riding Assistant at CES”

  1. Žilvinas Deveika

    Improve rider safety? How retarded should you be to buy this bs? On the other hand, mainstream consumers are retarded so I guess this marketing approach will work. If you can't ride properly, you shouldn't ride, unless you want to be ridden by it and not ride it yourself.

  2. Tilman Baumann

    It counter steers like a pro.
    I wonder though how, as a ride assistance, it's going to prevent the driver from doing the wrong thing. It can't read the drivers mind.
    I guess at least it can prevent righting up of the bike in turns.

  3. MotorOK Postventa Automoción

    riding my motorbike from home to work and viciversa is one of my very few moments of joy during the day, dont take that from me BMW lol

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