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Bikers Are Everywhere OPEN YOUR EYES!

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Motorcycle Awareness

44 Replies to “Bikers Are Everywhere OPEN YOUR EYES!”

  1. ian robinson

    A biker for 30 years,I was banned for drunken riding and waiting for a bus, I was22,the bike was waiting for. The lights to change,a guzzi California with lancanfrotii open pipes,he powered away and I cursed the fact that I a.m a drunken arshole,,the bus came I got on,went 10 stops a distance of 5 miles,a. Car had pulled out on that big guzzi,he hit it so hard that he spun the car around180 ,broke the rear stub axle of the car and his neck,it was a 30mph speed limit,he was doing all that and more,the driver had never held a licence,Ben drjving30years no insurance ,who's to blame,who pays the penalty,you can't. Hide from death only you can hide from life,got. A bike again,I feel alive who is the artist


    After over 30 years away from riding. I returned last July.
    Back then. I had an old guy make a left at the last minute in front of me. In stead of continuing the turn and getting the hell out of The way.
    He looks up sees me and freezes. The lord was with me. Rear tire slid under the car. Bike nearly laid down. I waved to dude to pull away so I could stand my bike back up. Never knew my heart could beat so fast.
    Or that I could yank a wide glide up like it was a loaf of bread.

    What kept me away from something I once loved is the stupid shit out there on the roads today.
    It was there back then as well. But Nothing like today. Between the cell phoner's the roadrager's and the heroin addicts
    Along with those with the attention span of a Yak. It is a pretty dicy deal out there anymore.

    My prayers go out to all riders. Be sharp be safe and enjoy the ride. Some loud pipes and a few riding partners dose't hurt either.
    The good lord loves Bikers to.

  3. Jaimie Katcher

    Thank you for this touching memorial..I too hung onto the strings of life because of a driver turning left into me at a intersection.i was messed up real bad… a miracle I’m still here and ride’n … so sorry for your loss as my biggest worry is the loss my rosie(wife) would endure as you have …R.I.P. brother ,enjoy that perfect highway in the sky as I’m sure it’s amazing…

  4. Trav Little

    i personally feel before anyone is allowed behind the wheel of a car they should do a 2 year stint on a bike before being granted a car licence.

  5. Ramona1058

    Hello Dave H. Yup some people are real butt holes. Anyone who ever gave a few minutes thought to what it is like to 'ride"  would have to know that a biker has
    no protection what-so-ever. What the biker does have is a damn good education
    and a love for the road. If I had my way that stinking bast%^& would be in prison
    for life, DUI and driving on a suspended license? He had NO right to be on the road.
    He should be charged with "attempted vehicular homicide" as his attitude clearly
    shows he has no respect for the law and maybe your friends should know his name.

  6. DeathBringsLife

    Just got rear ended at a red light by someone on their phone. I'm lucky to be alright but my poor bike… The sadness I feel mixed with the gratefulness of being alright. This resonates man.

  7. Brian Crites

    I am one of the lucky ones i T-boned a car in "89" and walked away, not many brothers or sister can say that, so we have to remember them all.

  8. Raven Melody

    I love this song, I love my biker friends all over the USA… please watch out for our bike's, I've laid it down once I thank God everyday i'm still here

  9. David Hernandez

    Thank you for the support but now I am back and if he wants to see what a gimp biker will do his fucking dumb ass that doesnt know the facts at all, he needs to take his pea size brain and learn to read the come on down to meet with me so I can show him true southern biker hospitality, hopefully he isnt all shit because my poor pet gator suffer severe stomach aches and diarrhea

  10. David Hernandez

    your a stupid fucking little man that has some education, but your still as dumb as you were when you were born. Check the facts and figures and statistics show that drivers the automobile is responsible for over 80% of the accidents.I know you think your so much smarter than every biker but to tell you the truth your education wouldnt come to be a small pimple on a fleas ass.I positive than my education credential will make yours the same as mine a piece of paper to use to wipe your ass.STUPID

  11. David Hernandez

    It was not even my fault no drugs or alcohol in my system, but I had all the safety lights and equipment and was still ran over head on by a fucking drunk, probably what you are. Now I have been left crippled and fight to stay alive everyday of my life while the asshole that has hit me is living like a king because he used the law to his advantage and created a LLC so he didnt have to have the insurance he was suppose to have,

  12. Bikerchick024

    Just go through the cafe. … then, add +motorcycle-safety+bumper-stickers. I had to do it this way because Youtube would not let me add the website address. I ordered a couple from there.

  13. livetorideridetodie

    Thanks for making this video and trying to create awareness.I continue to create awareness for all of us riders who enjoy riding.The times have changed and with all of the latest gizmos in the hands of the cagers they continue to plow us down.I have spoken with numerous legislatures and I am trying to get them to put new laws in place and I am also trying to get some things done with the Department of Motor Vehicles as well to make changes.Keep up the good work and may God bless us riders.

  14. Bonnie Donovan-Koepple

    Thanks for sharing this, John. Yes, look out for us. Most of us are ordinary people, not crazed Hells Angels and Ninjas on rice rockets. No matter the make of our bikes, share the road. For us, it's 2 lanes of freedom. And no street pizzas!

  15. Christopher Markunas

    John, if you're on FB, check out our motorcycle club, Sons of Senility. You look like you'd fit right in. 😉
    Great video!

  16. Christopher Markunas

    I would like to ask everyone to please, look twice for motorcycles. I know, some of you are thinking, "What about the hotdogs who rip past me at over 100 mph, disregarding laws, safety and common sense?" They are the few. Most of us are just regular folks who enjoy riding motorcycles and obey the traffic laws.I'd like to dedicate this video to Philadelphia Highway Patrolman, Brian Lorenzo, killed in a head-on collision by a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-95.

    Ride In Peace, Brother.

  17. mcstracer1992

    needless to say when we got to a stop light I had her pull up next to me and I damn near ripped the phone from her hand and pitched it across the road. you would think that since her dad died on a bike she would be careful about stuff like that. When im driving especially on the freeway im always watching my mirrors and if I see a bike I tend to create a buffer with my car to reduce the chance of them getting hit. not matter the bike, age, or gear equipped I help. Who knows I might be that guy.

  18. mcstracer1992

    I will admit I do text and drive or talk and drive but its all hands free. I say something and my phone translates that to words(kinda funny responses though sometimes) and I do ride as well. I cant tell you how many times ive ripped my girlfriend about talking/texting while driving. One night I was following her home from school and almost got me squished with a semi and she did cut me off and to my suprise she was on the phone with her mom(note she doesent have hands free like me)…

  19. Karen Menpes

    Sat nav and mobile phone addict car drivers are are everywhere.

    Hate to say this because I am a biker and a full time car driver. Own a Honda Shadow 750 and Honda CBF 600

    Keep your speed low in built up areas, cover your horn, expect the car to pull out in front you and most of all 'wear a white helmet and High vis clothing !!!

    When I am in my car, I can see you coming along the road… if I can be bothered to look !!!

  20. Jaidenjai

    Five months ago I was run over from behind, while turning, by a vehicle that had been 1/2 block behind me for at least a mile. Luckily I survived. But as I lay on the concrete & looked to see who hit me, I was amazed at how quick the police had arrived. Then I was told it was the police who had hit me. He had been on his cell phone! Ironically, the officer also teaches the Motorcycle Safety Course in our County.

  21. brscth

    2 days ago a bike cut me off by a matter of inches, not once but twice. All I am doing is pointing out the fact that bikers always claim the victim roll and blame everything on everyone else, it is true. There are just as many bad drivers on bikes as there are in cars but you all seem to think it is never your fault and respond in such ways as you just have, full of hate and juvenile language. I have no further use for someone who cannot write one sentence without using foul language. Goodbye

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