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Biker Boyz

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Trailer for a Motorcycle movie like “The Fast and The Furious” with actor Ice Cube in it.

35 Replies to “Biker Boyz”

  1. TheBelal7

    hey boyz.. i love this movie! Is it gangs like this in real life? If it is how popular is it? I know there is MC gangs like SOA :p

  2. shakablane

    Man I remember this one and I've seen the wanna bees and the reps only thing is you can't do tricks on a chopper :0) @shakablane

  3. DAYTIME504

    This movie IMO was highly underrated on the basis that it was very unique

    It wasnt some drug-lord busting,grand-theft-auto,damsal in distress,everybody's a tool-bag kind of movie like typical street racing movies…this movie actually had a soul and a believable story!!!!!

    (same goes for tokyo drift's story…cept the whole going to tokyo part XD)

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