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Top 10 MTB 2018 – Top 10 dual suspension Mountain bikes 2017 by BlackDiamond. This video showcases the top 10 MTB and their technology like SRAM Eagle. Canyon spectral CF 2018 is my dream MTB

Video topics BlackDiamond covers :
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The MTB are based on MY OWN OPINION, so comment below if you think I missed any worthy mountain bikes. The video includes these MTB: Canyon spectral, canyon strive, yt capra, YT Jeffsy, specialized stumpjumper and enduro yeti sb6 giant reign mondraker dune carbon commencel Meta and many more in the other videos.

This video is protected by Fair Use, whereby the imagery and visual elements are used in a transformative mannor. Only a small portion of the original material is used for a transoformative purpose. All original material has been substantially re-edited and paired with copyright free music resulting in a transformative video. All credit goes to original owners. If you have any issues, feel free to message me and I will get back to you immediately to resolve the issue.

Part 4

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Canyon Spectral CF – Flow MTB
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Thanks for watching.
Music – First to Last by Gunnar Olsen

25 Replies to “BEST MOUNTAIN BIKES / Top 10 MTB 2018”

  1. Suharinos

    LOL.. this modern bike industry pushes all kinds of attractions to masses. You can climb, do DH and take agile tracks, do XC etc with the same bike.. Everyone knows there is only one bike for all those sports since they differ so much from each other. So my question is, why do I want a compromise bike which have sort of all that, but does not shine on anything?
    Xc bike can climb better, DH bike can descent better, Trailbike can do very technical trails better… so I would spend 7-10k$ for a allrounder…?!?

  2. skinny rd

    Great video . I love the yeti and YT. That being said why does the specialized SJ have the drivetrain on the left side of the bike?

  3. avid angelo

    These bicycles are overpriced.
    Smaller and less complicated in engineering than my crf450r dirt bike but cost as much. These doesnt even have engine but priced the same. So hard to justify the 10k price.

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