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Are Fat Bikes Fast?

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We know that fat bikes can be a lot of fun but we’re here to answer the question of whether they are fast or not. Fat bikes against trail bikes, we put it to the test.

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46 Replies to “Are Fat Bikes Fast?”

  1. Donovan Bryant

    i might be getting a fat bike soon i want one super badly they are so cool and i hear from allot of people that they just float over off road and water and all other types of terrains

  2. Russell Wilson

    they ride their xc bikes all the time and jump on a fat bike,miss lines because they are not used to the fat bike…if they rode the fat bikes for 2 weeks I belive the result would be diferent…it would have to be.

  3. Justin Bradley

    @ the 4min mark. Sums up the feeling riding a fat bike. I bought a Fatboy back in January and do not regret it one bit. Just bought my 9yr olf boy a 24" Fatboy. Fun times!

  4. dkphantomdk

    it is as fast.. you where tired on the second lap on the Fat Bike 😀
    also, why do you not take these fat bikes in terrain where they will outpace any trail bike.. soft sand, "offtrack" lose gravel and stuff like that should be on the track.

  5. Budget MTB

    I've always honestly wondered "what are fat bikes good for?" I actually like the look, but what are they truly better at? Soft sand? Rock gardens?

  6. Gaz Woods

    Not very nice calling them fat, is it not just the rims and tyres that are fat cos the frame looks normal size,thanx in advance guys

  7. littlegoobie

    This test is meaningless and didn't include enough factors. Repeat this same test on the same track after a 4 day rain or giant snow storm or include a sandy beach section. This test result is like saying a ferrari is a slow car because it didn't get down the bush obstacle course a quickly as a jeep.

  8. Frank Blackcrow

    But,, that if your used to riding the thin wheels than that's what your used to riding, and that if your not used to riding the fat bike then your already have a built in bias from your not being a fat bike rider as of the standard bike your riding all the time, because of the standards that you are used to as of the wheels themselves as being wider as big a problem for a thin wheel to be man handled the same because of the width giving it a automatic scale difference to the rider, as that it wouldn't handle the same from the start, that it might not be the bikes at all but that what a person is used to riding,, I have a fat bike and can say it's like peddling a tractor because of the width of the tyre that gives it more surface to dirt/gravel/tar ratio.

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